RobiniaSwap native RBS token entered positive trend

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The RobiniaWsap platform since its official launch of its native token has been showing good positive momentum in price action, this according to its daily trading volume and market capitalization.

This good performance is related to the fact that RobiniaWsap retains a decentralized pricing mechanism, without the need for an order book, just like any platform running on DeFi.

Now, if we add to the good initial performance of RobiniaWsap that in the last 24 hours its RBS token rose more than 40%, it is undoubtedly a good performance and everything seems to project some financial stability above $0.2, which from my point of view is a good area to trade.

The market capitalization in USD has risen to 302,524 dollars, the total minted amounted to 1,146,093 while the total burned stood at 119,796 with a supply in circulation of 1,026,297.

Screenshot of: RobiniaSwap

According to these data, the market capitalization continues to grow steadily, a very positive element that begins to position RobiniaWsap within the DeFi world.

At the time of writing, the total value locked (TVL) was $2,647,829.86, if you are interested in buying RBS or want more information on this interesting token follow this link to RobiniaWsap.


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hi @lupafilotaxia

I've small question related to liquidity pools and impermanent loss.

I'm trying to wrap my head around it and based on my understanding:

  • currently price of RBS is 0.2$
  • I would add my funds to liquidity pool (pair RBS-BUSD) in relation: 1000 usd / 1000 usd

in that case I would need 5000 RBS tokens and 1000 usd worth od BUSD. Is that correct?

Now, what would happen if price of RBS would:
a) scenario one: RBS would drop down to 0.1$ (50% drop)
b) scenario two: RBS would go up to 0.4% (100% increase)

I presume that the moment I exit liquidity pool, then I would end up still with 1000usd worth of BUSD, but amount of RBS tokens would be different.
Now, my question is: how many RBS tokens would I have at the end of the day (depending on the scenario).

Enjoy your weekend buddy,
Yours, Piotr

Hello dear friend @crypto.piotr

Your doubts are valid, but there is no concrete answer, since variables are involved, fundamentally the first one is the constant change in prices, and the second one is the total percentage that the liquidity pool has at a certain moment.

From what I have researched, the success in DeFi platforms is that the liquidity pool increases in proportion to a greater injection of external currencies, in this case greater investment of BUSD.

Best regards, be well.

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