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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine. In today's post, I will be sharing the quest rewards of two days along with a league advancement that i unlocked yesterday with 2500 rating to gold 1 league.



As you can see there is no requirement for league rewards during the season-end rewards but if you stay in that league you will get good rewards if not then you will get trash rewards if your rating is below the league requirement. However, before it was like this if you are in gold 1 league with a 2500 rating then you will have a need to adapt or make a collection power of 150k nearly to be eligible for the higher loot chests for the season end it was like 26 loot chest at gold 2 while 30 loot chests were at gold 1 if you do not have enough collection power and your rating was at 3000+ then still you will get fewer loot chests for season end. But now you can make many loot chests as you want but the rewards will be good or bad based on your league and the collection power you have.



Well, the new season started already so all we knows that at the start we are getting very less rewards points so on the first two days with earth and death splinter i just made one loot chests and on the other day i did not played because of some issues so after that i started playing and made 7 loot chests that you can see while on the same day in my alt account i made 13 loot chests so total loot chests was 20 but did not get any good card from it here you can see the rewards of 7 loot chests in which i got only 96 DEC tokens with few common cards as the skull ratio is higher than other reward cards because i am getting this card in almost every rewards as compared to other reward cards.



Well, yesterday was a busy day and its raining here from the last 2 days so we got some issues of electricity and net when there is raining the net is not working fine and also the electricity too that is the reason of not playing enough yesterday even in my alt account i did not played a single battle for the loot chests while made 4 loot chests for main account in which i got 3 common cards and 400 DEC tokens not a bad at all better from the common cards i can easily buy few common and rare cards with 400 DEC tokens.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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