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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine. In today's post, I will share today's focus quest rewards, a gladius pack, and a card from the gladius fire splinter that i got from a pack today.



CHIMNEY WALL STOP is a fire gladius beast with reach and bloodlust ability which is a gladius beast that you can use in the 2nd position and it will give a strong melee attack of up to 5 and that will increase with bloodlust ability each round when a monster kills by this monster. Well, recently i got one in gold foil from a gladius pack at level 3 worth 500 dec tokens while i have level 2 in a regular edition so this gold is enough to use it on the battlefield also i got one more today which is now at level 4 but i will wait for two more to make this to level 5 to unlock the repairing ability from this card with bloodlust ability.



Well, i just have one more pack today and hope to get some more merits from the current brawl which will finish tomorrow and that will be the last merits rewards from the brawls result after we will get the SPS rewards from brawls battles. I did not submit the battles yet because it is too late so i will play and submit the brawls battles tomorrow while sharing the pack opening here in which i got one gladius gold foil common card while the rest of the cards are normal along with two rare cards from different families.



I played lots of battles today in my main account during the duty hours and made 9 loot chests hardly because of the higher points required for making one chest while today i got fewer RP points and even lose lots of battles today because of facing giant players but still got some nice rewards including one chaos legion pack that i will open later and some dec nearly 400 with 200 merits token. So almost the rewards from today with diamond 2 league is not bad but i will try to reach the diamond 1 league if possible that will unlock at 3400 while currently my rating is at 3200 so need 200 rating points to unlock the next league and claim the diamond 1 rewards.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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