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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine. In today's post, I will be sharing the quest or focus point rewards of today along with a common card from the water splinter in gold foil edition that i got from the focus rewards.



Well, i was planning to write a post for the weekly battle challenge but my health is not good as i am not feeling well and suffering from flu, headache and fever so will skip the weekly battle challenge post this time and will participate in the next week. However, here is a common card from the water splinter that i got from the focus point rewards in gold foil as i have lots of BCX of this card in the regular edition like nearly 200 BCX of this card while in gold foil i got the 5th one which can be converted to level 5 in gold foil edition as i am using it mostly in the level 5 with regular edition especially in the earthquake ruleset while you can use it for the sneak target monsters.



Well, i got the gold foil edition from the focus point rewards as it is because of the new rewards update where the chances of getting legendaries and gold foil cards increased when you are playing in higher leagues and my league is diamond 2 with 51 loot chests for the season end. So total i got 5 gold foil edition BCX of this common card worth 625 collection power which is not bad and increased my airdrop points at some point. There are only two abilities in this card the one is sneak and the other one is flying ability both the abilities are playable from level 1 so you need to upgrade the card for higher melee attack and to increase the speed of this card.



Before discussing the quest rewards i will ask about the crypto market and why a sudden dump happened to the Crypto market is there any issue with the crypto market? if anyone knows then tell me in the comment section as i have lost $700 due to the BTC being dumped :(. However, the quest was easy and it was again with the water splinter and the rewards i claimed in the diamond league is here in which i got 500+ DEC tokens with one rare and one common card along with a single gold foil edition card so not bad rewards from 7 loot chests this is enough for today hope for the best and pray for the crypto market to be stable :(

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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