Madhu Madhavi Flower Photography

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Assalamu Alaikum Dear Steemit Friends Everyone’s To All Good Morning And Happy Everyday And Welcome To Visit My Profile And Thanks To All Steemit Friend’s For Your Big And Good Support Me And I Am Very Happy Everyday.

I try to take pictures of everything beautiful that comes to my attention on my way and I try to make beautiful photography, maybe sometimes it is a little bit different. Sometimes delivery may be bad but I try.

The flowers are borne in clusters at the tip of the plant. White, red, pink and mixed flowers can be seen on the same plant. The flower has five miniature petals, the pollen is located in the center, the stamens are quite long. The flowers smell very good. This flower blooms almost throughout the year, but summer and monsoon are the main flowering season for Madhumalati flowers. At this time, the trees are full of flowers. Flowering plants are very eye-catching and beautiful. In our country, Madhumalti flower plants are seen in home gardens, parks, roadsides and gardens of various institutions.







I think you will like these beautiful Madhu Madhavi Flower photos. And the purpose of such beautiful and wonderful photography is to share the beautiful pictures among you and spread happiness among the STEEM blog. And if you like those pictures, then my daily work and hard work is appreciated and worthwhile!

I translate the Bengali language texts into English from Google Translate, if there is any mistake in the language, please look at it with forgiveness.

I you good luck and good health. Thanks 🙏 everyone.

• Photographer——@jaster family.

• Photography— Madhu Madhavi Flower.

• Device Camera — IPhone 12 Pro Max.

• Location——— Monohardi Narsingdi Dhaka Bangladesh 🇧🇩.

I have organised the posted using #CCS Community.

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