Greetings on the holy month of Ramadan

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Dear Steemit Friends, Happy Holy Month of Ramadan to all. Today is Friday, March 24, Jumma Mubarak.Siam Sadhana Pravitra Mahe Ramzan has started from today in various countries of East Asia including our Bangladesh. The countries of the western region including the Middle East are starting the month of Ramadan from yesterday.


Ramadan is one of the five pillars of the Muslim nation. We Muslims believe that it is the month of mercy given by Allah. The month of Ramadan is in this month you must remember that the month of Ramadan will start and end depending on the sighting of the moon. As a precaution, iftar and Maghrib azaan are fixed three minutes after sunset and similarly as a precaution the last time of Sehri is fixed three minutes before Subhi Sadiq and Fajr azaan should be given three minutes after Subhi Sadiq i.e. six minutes after the end of Sehri. will be.


Devout Muslims have to follow several rules for fasting. 29 or 30 consecutive days of Ramadan must be eaten before dawn. This meal is called Sehri or Suhoor. On the other hand, no food can be touched until the sun sets. After the sun sets, the Iftar meal begins immediately with the Maghrib call to prayer. Various events are also held during this time. The Iftar is started by organizing according to everyone.


We will maintain the sanctity of the holy month of Ramadan and be kind to everyone. Sehri and Iftar schedule today according to Islamic Foundation.

In the end, everyone will be well, stay healthy, keep the sanctity of Ramadan, I hope that everyone will get the blessings and forgiveness of Ramadan.

I translate the Bengali language texts into English from Google Translate, if there is any mistake in the language, please look at it with forgiveness.

I have organised the posted using #CCS Community.

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