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Hello There ,

Human lives living here on Earth are make up of so much states of personal transition . The gradual and to some duly extent an actual transitional level often , get depending on such an individual lust. Mainly about kind of desiring working within his or her closet or secret.

That, alone being an actual reason our beloved Lord Jesus Christ . Did said , that he will do bring human secret to an open. So as to reward them , accordingly.

Most people here on this Earth , do have this twist philosophy . That , the spiritual do control the physical

The transitional truth about such nature of philosophy is that , those who sharing it do have definite reason on what they meant.

When get examining certain concepts in live in relation to the book of books , from the true Creator I Am.

Note , primarily God did created human into the physical world and environment. And to have corresponding dominant over all others lesser creatures , both on land and that in the seas .

But , due to the transition in human dealings and kind of dark ends knowledge at multiple pace.

It's also account that , there in the book of books . Basically that within new testament era , that (we) human are not wrestle against fresh and blood but against principalities and powers . Against rulers of darkness in high places.

There most human do take solace for surviving right within realm of dark world . Which get filled with an outright transition on wickedness , evil cruelties , and all manners of mischievous devices.

Panicking Transition

Due to kind of widely accepted knowledge in the philosophy such as , get stated . That , the spiritual rules the physical.

Most human have being left by their supposed leading , guiding and abiding Shepherd onto doing and witnessing kind of undesirable transition in life.

While they might still do maintaining kind of supposing intimate claim relationship with same , I Am the True Creator.

Panicking Fact

This can get more as an immediate mind and head bursting , that which can get landed on a deep emotional transition.

Mainly about , an individual person getting decided to see an incarnated body of an ancestral father or mother . Or might be any long buried person , which might happen to be a family member , friend or an enemy's.

When do take such step , with no corresponding thought on after effects . It can get turn very undesiring , and panicking. Because of the forceful transition.

When perhaps , getting working on such pre intent within your spiritual realm. Secrecy and suddenly enough , it get happening . What supposedly you didn't thought of was kind of message . Your called out long buried person would do have for you , and way he or she would do present such message on to you.

Worse of it , when get involve the ghost to have residing home in you .

Then , do pause up and imagine such level and nature of transition . That , would do takes place in you as a person's. Whether you would do behave and get interact in normal ways , of which you being known for.

Now , if you can get control and able to manage the transition . That could be absolute best , than being panicking due to your self inviting or closely inputting as might get done by your parents or so.

That transition can leads to so many abnormalities and unruly claims due to desperate desire to be delivered or get liberated .


Whatever that being philosophy of the minorities or majorities , along whatever personal desire or lust . In all thought of an after effect should be paramount , due to kind of an unplanned transition.

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