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Hello, to the whole Steemit Family.

First of all, we would like to say a lot of thanks to the @steemitblog and the whole Steemit team for providing us with such a great opportunity once again. We are very happy to announce that we are going to apply for the Steemit Engagement Challenges Season 09. Last Season 08 has been great and wonderful for all of the users around the platform and now we are here to apply for Season 9.

Purpose of Steem4Bloggers Community

The purpose of the Steem4Bloggers community is quite noble. Actually, the main purpose of the community is to avail users all around the world of such a platform where they can share their knowledge of various impressive topics on Crypto, Technology, Finance, Computing, Art, The Dairy Game, etc. The main aim and the best thinking behind the creation of this community are to provide a platform to all those newbies who find it difficult to share the knowledge bank of crypto-tech.

The community was created with the thinking in mind that we will do our best to grow the minds of especially crypto lovers to make them become able to take part in the Steemit Crypto Academy. We are willing warmly to teach people from all over the world in the field of crypto and technology. Along with the process of teaching, we would surely improve our knowledge and learn from quality content writers as well.

Another good thinking behind the development of this community was that we will teach people from around the whole world about crypto trading. Many of the users are so much afraid of crypto trading and this is because of the reason that they do not have any guide or leader that can guide and recommend them. So, the purpose of this community is that we will make our members able to trade cryptocurrency.

Besides these things, now we are also focusing on various themes like art, literature, photography, diary game, townin10pics, food, and many more. With these noble purposes, we started our work and wish for success. Concluded as:

Be a Part of Something Bigger than You.

History of Steem4Bloggers

It was the time back to July of 2022, not so far from today's date when the community was created by keeping in view all the above-mentioned purposes. The introduction post of the community was published on the 3rd of July, 2022, and in that post, we introduced our community to the Steemit family, our purposes, and the team members as well. Also, the basic guidelines to work successfully in the community were mentioned there.


The Introductory Post is Here

From that time, we are trying our best to accomplish the purposes of the community. We started the journey with two leading persons, Admins and two moderators. On the same day of publishing the introductory post, another moderator joined us. From these three mods, one of them had to quit his journey. But, now we are a complete team with 2 admins and 6 mods.

The activities of the community and the working of the community account are now under the control of 2 Admins and 6 moderators. The curation of the official community account, the review of the published posts, and managing the members have been done by this team. That's all about the history of our community.

The Team of Steem4Bloggers

As mentioned above, our team is made up of actually 8 persons including 2 admins and 6 moderators. The details of each member is given in the below graphics.

Start (1).png






Start (1).png










In Overall, the team is...

UsernameRoleClub Level
@steemdoctor1Admin & MOD#club75
@malikusman1Admin & MOD#club100

We have a team that is belonging to different geographical areas and this thing allows us to spread the knowledge of crypto, finance, technology, and computing, over a large diversity. We are happy that we have a team that works together friendly and effective way for the growth of the community.

Community's Curation Account

Yes, we have a well-established community curation account that is actually the official account of the community. It was created as soon as the creation of the community, in June 2022. The official and curation account of the community is @hive-109435. The statics of the community curation account are shown in the below screenshot.


@hive-109435 Statics taken from

You can see in the above screenshot that we have 31,205 Effective Steem Power (SP) at the time of creating this post. This SP contribute a large amount of delegations from a total of 21 persons including the team members (Admins and MODs) of the community. A total of 72 Posts, 731 comments and 1604 replies have been done from the official account.

Curation Account Keys Distribution

The keys of the official curation account of the community have been distributes in such a way that both of the Admins, @steemdoctor1 and @malikusman1 hold the complete keys of the account. While, other Moderators of the community are holding the Private Posting Key of the account so that they could be able to do the posting, commenting and curation, etc from the account. While, the active key related functions are done by complete discussion between all the team members.

Parameters To Review the Posts

We are happy to share that all the posts that have been published in our community are properly checked and reviewed by the MODs and Admins of the community. The reviewing scheme that we have designed for vetting the posts is shown below ...

Dear @user Thank you for sharing your Quality Blog with our community. Your Post Information has been given below:

Post InformationStatus
Verified User✅ / ❌
Plagiarism Free✅ / ❌
Bot Free✅ / ❌
#Steemexclusive✅ / ❌
AI Free✅/❌

PeriodFrom ... To ...
Power Upxyz
Transferred Outxyz

Total Wordsxyz
Valid Commentsxyz
Total Votesxyz
Voting CSI-

Post Quality: --/10

  • Reviews:

So, above shown is the same comment that we have designed to review out the posts that would be done in our community. A brief explanation of some important parameters are given below.

✓ Verified User means we will check the achievements tasks of the users and the proper verification of the users will be considered valid.

✓ The users should be free of any involvement in the vote buying services and bid-bots.

✓ Users should have to join any of the clubs. Non-clubbed entry will be considered as invalid.

✓ Post should be free of any form of plagiarism as it is strictly prohibited on the platform.

✓ The voting CSI means the user must support each other by voting the posts of each other.

✓ Last, but not least, the AI Content is strictly prohibited throughout the platform so your post must be free from AI.

Help Users to improve the Quality

From the time of creation of the community, we are trying our best to avail the users with such a platform where the old, as well as, newbies can be treated equally. The experienced persons could be able to share their knowledge and recommendations for the others newbies. For this purpose, we have made a discord channel where the new and old Steemians can contact with each other.


Community Discord Channel

Our team is always available in the discord group to guide newcomers timely and proper. Also, we have uploaded the guidelines post from our official account to make the newcomers understand the purpose of the community and how they could be able to groom their journey on the platform.

We have successfully completed many contests related to finance and technology in the community. Also, three contests are still running in the community, two from admins and one from a moderator. This is also a golden opportunity for the newbies to learn more about cryptocurrency, blockchain, technology and computing. We have also made a WhatsApp group for especially our Pakistani users where we are very active.


WhatsApp Group Invite Link

Whenever, a new comer joins the Steemit platform, he is so much confused and he really need a guidance that can show him the correct way. So, our team is working very hard to guide the newbies on the platform. Actually, our main mission is to teach those users who are new and fresh on the platform and are crypto and technology lovers.

Why We should be Chosen?

Our community was founded to impart a knowledge of crypto and technology. This is the age of technology and everyone wants to know about technology and crypto. We have noticed for a long time that no new people are coming to the Steemit Crypto Academy and even if they do, they don't have enough knowledge to survive in the academy, so we created this community to help and educate the users in the field of crypto and technology. Below are some other reasons of our selection.

  • The mission of our community is different from others that make it unique.

  • All Admins and MODs are very responsible and always thought for the betterment of Steem ecosystem.

  • From the beginning till date there is no post which is not checked by admin and moderator.
  • The SP of our account is nearly 29 thousand that helps us to support quality content.

  • Our team has created a schedule whereby we check the articles in the community according to our day throughout the week.

  • Only quality content is supported in our community and the offender is immediately silenced.

  • All Admins and Moderators are very experienced and have good knowledge about the theme of our community.
  • All Admins and Moderators participate very well in Steemit Engagement Challenge and their club status are also very well.
  • We have also continued to conduct different contests in our community which is still ongoing. We reward Steem Power as well as TRX tokens to the winners.

  • If we would be given a chance to host the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 08 then we will surely improve our experience on the Blockchain.

So, these are some solid reasons behind our thought to apply for the Steemit Engagement Contests Season 08. We wish to see you soon.

Contacts of Community Team

NameDiscord ID
@malikusman1malik usman#9093

We will use all the Rewards to strengthen our community account by powering them up so that we could be able to support more and more users and quality content creators.

Best Regards;
Steem4Bloggers Team

 5 months ago 

Great application as always, we hope that we will host another season of the Engagement Challenge and Steemit Team will surely give us the opportunity to serve the Steemians. Great luck with the application 😃

 5 months ago 

A well detail application once again. I hope we get the opportunity again

 5 months ago 

A very good application is submitted from our side. I hope steemit team will gave us a chance again to hosting engagement challenge season 9.

 5 months ago 

MashAllah ❤️

 5 months ago 

We are fully ready and prepared for this upcoming engagement challenge season and I wish this community best of luck during selection

 5 months ago 

Steem4Bloggers is one of my favorite community on Steemit. Their team is really working hard to grow the Steemit platform in Pakistan.

You guys have written good application and it clearly shows your efforts for Steemit platform. I pray that you guys win the position in best communities for Season 9. 💕 💕 💕

 5 months ago 

Great 👍

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