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Salam Alaikum ✨


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A very warm Greetings to all my team mates and all my members from me. This is your very own Faran Nabeel and today i will prepare my weekly report for steem bloggers community. In which i were tell you about my weekly work for this community and i will tell you about my activities on this community, my activities about contest that we for our community members.

My experience with this community was very brilliant and very joyful with my team and my community members. From my this week i learned some new things and see some beautiful posts on bloggers community about engagement challenge and now i share my this week summary of my work with my team and my community members as well.

Mod Status & Work

Here on my first section of post i will tell you about my account status and my work status on steem4bloggers community. How many posts is written on this week at this community ans my other activities.

Own SP5,120 SP
Delegation500 SP
Voting CSI12.2
Count Posts1
Count Comments21

Activities On Community

Tech Diary .png

This week i made my new post on bloggers community and this week i made my new tech diary and my weekly report for our community. This week i wrote my forth weekly report and i am very happy because many members has good interaction on our community. And many peoples visit my posts. That's really motivate me to do more posts on this community.

My Engagement With Community' Members


My dear friends engagement and interaction with our community members is very important because through this we can guide and encourage our users about their work. And my dear friends as moderator i always engaged with my community members and interact with him through my comments. I make my reports in the comment section on member's posts and write observation on my member's posts. ans this week almost i checked 20 posts of different users. So, this week was very good and full fill with enjoyment and working.

Guiding Users Through Discord


Here am also working for bloggers community behind steem as well and i did help and guidance of our users on discord and guide many users about that platform. In this regard, i guided new user about power down and how we can get support from curators after re joining from power down. I guide him about club ans how to join club5050 for getting support from curators. And now he wrote his new post on steemit platform.

My Voting CSI


Am also utilize my voting power to support my community members and am always maintain my voting power. I always try to increase my voting CSI and try to not getting down from 80 %. And during the review member's posts i also voting on them and here you can check it my voting csi is upto 12 and i voted many accounts on my past 7 days.

Here my friends this is my this week report as a moderater of steem4bloggers community and i hope you really like and appreciate my efforts for this community. Now soon you can meet me on another post. Good bye,

Faran Nabeel


Best Regards to Team
@steemdoctor1, @malikusman1, kouba01, And others


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 3 months ago 

Great work from yourside my borther, I wish you all the best.

 3 months ago 

Thank you dear 💕

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 3 months ago 

Thank you 💞

 3 months ago 

Thanks for another week of the great work done brother. 👍

 3 months ago 

Thank you so much dear for your appreciation 🤗,

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