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Draftcrearte works constantly so that its members remain active both in the daily publications and in the contests that are held weekly, our activity in the contests has been increasing thanks to the hard work carried out by the draftcrearte team as well as that carried out by each one one of the members who feels committed to the community, who has given himself the task of making invitations encouraging people to stay active not only in the community but in steemit in general.

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Our goal is to continue growing and that our members feel our unconditional support for the quality content that is presented in our community, for this reason our team monitors the active publications in the community, thus verifying that the content complies with the general rules of the community and with the steps to create quality content.

Number of participants in our contests:

In the last three contests there were a total of 30 approved entries, with a total of 165 STEEM distributed among the winners..

Each of the entries must be approved before the end date of the contest, this is done to verify that the published content complies with the established rules, in case of not complying with said rules, the moderator will leave a message inviting to correct the faults found in the publication, if these modifications are not made, the participant will be automatically eliminated..


Draftcrearte is a community known for promoting and encouraging its members to create quality content, our goal is to grow and see each of our members grow, we are proud and very happy with the growth that our members have had in their work, and with the love and commitment that each person shows to our community every day.


Suggestions for participants:

As the person responsible for overseeing the contests and all their entries, I want to make some suggestions to keep in mind when entering.

  • Please read the contest rules carefully:

This allows us to verify compliance with the rules in our post before publishing our entry in the contest, in this way we will be sure that we comply with each one of them.

  • Read the steps to create quality content:

It is very important to read these steps since this allows us to know the parameters to create quality content, in this way we make sure that the post meets these requirements when it is published.

  • Invitation message in our promotion on social networks:

It is important when publishing our work on the networks, that we place an invitation message to our platform and to our community, this is of the utmost importance since it will allow us to continue growing at the same time that we make our platform known.

  • The photographs are our letter of introduction:

We must bear in mind that our photographs speak of the quality of our work, and by this we mean that Our post will look much more beautiful if we indulge in the task of making our photographs show a polished work and a clean and illuminated area. , so that our step by step is much more visible and clear.

  • Read and check the date and time the contest ends:

Reading this date is very important since many times the participants do not realize when the contest ends and publish their entry after the date and time indicated, these entries cannot be taken into account so they will automatically be disqualified..

To consider

All these suggestions are taken into account when choosing the winners of our contest and also when choosing the quality post for the top, being original and authentic is our best tool, that is why we want to see works that not only tell us about your personality if not also that you show us all your creativity and love for work.

We invite you to join our Discord


Are you new and would like to join the community? Visit the following post for more details.


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10% of the rewards will go to create you..


 4 months ago 

Encouraging the participation of contests allows a possibility to enjoy the creation of new works and an enriching experience with the content. In addition to being actively in the community according to the work and promotion plans for the members.

 4 months ago 

Así es amiga, bendiciones.

 4 months ago (edited)

Exelente 😊 información.

 4 months ago 

Gracias amiguita.

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