Daily Stories: an afternoon that left me speechless and smiling

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Hi today Tuesday 6 April 2021 I want to show the beauty that makes me speechless to enjoy it for almost an hour more.

This afternoon I was amazed to see such a perfect sunset, I saw it while enjoying coffee with my friends, the time was 17: 19 WIB that day was very special for me because I could see the large beautiful and perfect painting that God gave.


That afternoon as usual I was accompanied by my friends yazal, nuzul, zikra, we enjoyed the afternoon while drinking coffee that we always buy at our regular places, and honestly the coffee there is very good because the coffee is mixed with milk and a little caramel syrup which makes it taste very different from sachet coffee or other coffees, and if you want to taste it the coffee shop is located near the Hokseumawe meseum.


Ok we continue again, I am very happy today to be able to enjoy this moment, to be honest if I want to give a gift, I hope to have time like this continues, if moments like this still happen every day my life will be so peaceful and happy, my moodboster seems like lies in the time with friends while joking with them, when I get a moment like that somehow time flies very quickly, sometimes I think that time machines are invented and can be used en masse, yes I will definitely use that machine to return to moments like this every time. When I feel sad, angry and stressed by the situation, it seems enough here is my story about today, hopefully you also enjoy your life and are always grateful for what you get in life.



And that is all from me, I hope my post can give positive things to those who read and see, and hopefully you will always be given good health both physically and spiritually, don't forget to be grateful, because when we are grateful we will enjoy life more and always feel positive energy. spirit!!.
Thank you to all my friends in the Steemlifestyle Community who always support me in contributing positively to this Steemit.

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