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Sometimes we see some tiny insects around us that instantly create joy in our minds and fascinate us. Among the insects, butterflies and butterfly-like insects fascinate me the most. Moths are one of them. Like a few days ago this little insect fascinated me.


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Device Name: Samsung Galaxy J7

A few days ago I entered the washroom to freshen up. I went there and saw a strange kind of insect lying on the floor. At first I was quite surprised to see it. Because this type of insect has not been seen before. So it seemed unfamiliar to me.

Then looking at its wings it looked like it was a moth. That means it is an insect of the moth species. It looks a bit bigger than several other moths. I then took a photograph of it. Then I thought it was probably dead. Maybe it flew and hit something inside the washroom and died.


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Device Name: Samsung Galaxy J7

Then I thought it was dead and tried to touch it with my hand. When I tried to invert this insect by touching it with my hand, it started moving and immediately flew out of the wash room.

Different types of moths can be seen sitting around the house or on the trees or on the leaves of the grass. But I have never seen such an insect before. So it seemed kind and unfamiliar to me. Of course, I also doubt whether it is a moth species! Because I'm not entirely sure if it's a moth! Of course, if you know anyone, you can let us know about this insect through comments.

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Picture typeInsect Photography
DeviceSamsung Galaxy J7
Photography typeBeautiful Moth
Focal length3.6 mm
Photo LocationCumilla, Bangladesh

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