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All the wonderful mom's out there, I hope you all are having a great day, filed with love and relaxation.

Also, to be clear, I mean ALL the's who bore their kids, mom's who adopted, those standing in for moms, dads that have to be dad and mom... everyone who plays that special role in a kids life.

A huge loving heartfelt thank you to each of you, from us. You are all changing the world, and molding the future one day at a time.



My mom isn't around for me, but no sadness here.😃 I have Katie's mom that I treat like my mom. We love her and so we try to do our best to help her out. Last year, we did a bunch of work on her yard, so this year for mother's day we are back at it. We spent some time a couple days ago tilling her a couple places in her yard for her to have a garden. One for flowers, one for vegetables.


That's Katie hard at work showing her love for mom. She did the cultivating and I followed up with the tilling, because it is very difficult.

Today we are having a BBQ for mother's day and i am working at getting the yard straightened up by weed eating and removing some troublesome Honeysuckle.


You can see she keeps her yard nice and mowed. But she doesn't have a weed eater and the are tough(and dangerous) to use. I do have one, so we bring it and I knock out the stuff she couldn't get.

*A rare picture of me without my superhat. If I'm seen in public without it, I lose my superpowers.😁

After the fact, there's a lot of debris on the ground and we still need to pick it up.


Mom, we love you and it's a great privilege having you in our lives. You make Katie so happy and that makes me love you even more. I look forward to spending every mother's day with you as long as time allows.🤗🤗🤗

All photos are my own, except as sourced, and we're taken with my Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2.