My Favorite Pop Chicken Rice wrapped with a paper!

in StockPhotos2 months ago (edited)

Hello, friends especially foodies!

Yesterday I was craving of Padangnese food so I ordered a legendary one from office.
Here how it looked like


It wrapped in paper, also had the banana leave inside, nice.

It had the


Authentic Pop Chicken – soft and tasty in savory, Every one should try this padang dish without spicy flavour. It served with the authentic red sauce which had sour sweet flavour, whether with our without the sauce, this chicken was so tasty. Warning of addiction!


It also had the egg gulai, which had light savory flavour and made from duck’s egg.


And of course their authentic vegetables plus super delicious green chilli paste :9, it tasted savory and not too spicy. I loved it much, cause it had much red shallot .

So wanna try Our Tasty Pop Chicken too?

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