Toxic and harmful foods for our brain. Part III

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Toxic and harmful foods for our brain. Part III


Less sweets in your life.

We continue listing the substances that harm us, one of these is artificial sweeteners, initially if I understand the seriousness of consuming foods that contain sugar, I will consider artificial sweeteners as a reasonable option, because theoretically they do not raise my sugar, but reasonable as this may seem, many artificial nutrients are neurotoxic, and you have studies, albeit small studies, that associate the use of artificial sweeteners with weight gain, bladder tumors, and brain tumors.

And in a study in humans because all this that I mention is in animals, they have even been associated with a higher risk of cancer due to the acidity they produce in the body, of all the artificial sweetener options without any doubt the least harmful for our body is stevia, but in no way do I recommend it to you, he mentioned that it is the least risky option for you and if you are going to consume it it is important that different steviol from the real stevia leaf do not have the same impact on your body.

Another of the sweeteners that does not have negative effects on a neurological level is the monk fruit extract, which, as I told you, has no negative effects but has a proprietary effect on an economic level.

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Only less refined natural seasonings.

Seasonings, many seasonings especially seasonings of industrial origin of course have high sodium content, which will obviously affect the health of the blood vessels, including the blood vessels of the brain, this does not mean that sodium is always bad, I I need a very fine overall balance between sodium and potassium, but when we consume high levels of sodium and low levels of potassium like the vast majority of us today compared to a Paleolithic human being who consumed about 7 times the amount of potassium than Today a normal diet of ours has, not only do we alter blood pressure but we also have our ability of cells including neurons to activate and have a correct electrical voltage to function, so if you are going to consume a high amount of sodium at least Make up for it by taking potassium and magnesium supplements.

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The famous Gluten.

Gluten became an outcast for all those interested in its health and with good reason, gluten is basically a general name for a set of proteins that gives many cereals especially TAGs, wheat, oats, barley and rye, the ability to bind and it is precisely that property that gives it its inflammatory capacity, the negative effect of nourish your brain is increasingly known, to the point where today the harmful effects on the brain that have gluten are famous and you have famous books about.

The solution is by no means to eat gluten-free products, since in general these products have other substances that replace gluten in their binding effect that are also negative, you can reduce this negative effect by fermenting using, for example, sourdough but still being something that I recommend you not to consume.