How to increase your defenses, Part II

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How to increase your defenses, Part II


Our friends the bacteria.

As I mentioned before, bacteria will be absolutely essential for a good development of your immune system, of your immune response, to develop a more suitable and less problematic immune response, that is, an immune response that does not respond to things that do not. They are a threat such as an allergy, it is important that you improve the bacterial flora that you have in your digestive system, since the vast majority of your immune system is there.


Improve your flora.

For the immunological benefits of a bacterial flora, any type of way that targets healthy bacteria for my body works from fermented foods, which are not always the most recommended way, to consuming probiotics, especially if I have a digestive problem, capsules with probiotic supplements. where you have specific bacteria to promote the development of a good immune system.

Once inside your body, these bacteria produce substances such as lactozepine and some peptides that are important because they lower inflammation in your body and also stimulate you to form more white blood cells, so that if you have low white blood cells, you will improve your bacterial flora. Now this inflammation, how you can lower it with a better flora and with a better presence of bacteria, always makes you more prone to infections, and if you have an infection, the more inflammation you will have more intense symptoms and we enter a vicious circle.


Watch what you eat.

All this happens because over time we were losing different strains of bacteria to different types of bacterial flora and previous generations had more different bacteria than those born today, this is generating intestinal permeability which is the breakdown of your wall that separates the Food from inside your body, this will cause toxic substances and bacteria to enter your body that generate an immune response constantly because you eat every day.

If you want to know what is the main element that generates this intestinal permeability in our digestive system today, phosphate is a substance that is added to non-organic crops, so eat as organic as possible.

I encourage you to go to the previous posts and have a better view of everything explained.

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