Search for Extraterrestrial mega structures.

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Search for Extraterrestrial mega structures.

Since we came out of the caves, we humans have not stopped building, currently the road and railway networks cover all the continents adding up to millions of kilometers, our large cities cover thousands of square kilometers and we have begun to envelop the entire planet with a network of satellites creating a global communications structure, following this approach it is logical to think that a more advanced extraterrestrial civilization could build much larger structures in space, perhaps industrial mining structures to obtain energy or for some other reason that is currently unknown to us, Let's not make the mistake of thinking that everything has been invented and there is nothing left to discover.

We must keep in mind that if other alien civilizations exist, they could easily be millions of years more evolved than us and their intellectual and moral motivations could be as different as those that differentiate humans from mice.

One of those megastructures that could make those hypothetical extraterrestrial civilizations is the Dyson Sphere, theorized in 1960 by physicist Freeman Dyson taking an earlier idea from a 1937 science fiction work by Olaf Stapledon titled The Star Maker, a novel very rich in its content since the multiverses are also presented, each with its laws and characteristics where ours would be just another universe and it would not even be the largest or the most splendid, that was in 1937 so that you can see that the multiverse is An old idea was not invented by Marvel or Rick Sánchez.

Freeman Dyson took up the idea of ​​megastructures around stars in a paper titled Search for Artificial Stellar Sources of Infrared Radiation. This paper was published in 1960. Dyson speculated that such structures would be the logical consequence of the growing energy needs of a technological civilization. and it would be a necessity for their long-term survival, evidently discovering one of these spheres would be an indicator of the existence of advanced extraterrestrial life.

A Dyson sphere would roughly be a gigantic envelope like solar panels or another energy collection system around a star. There are also scientists who have criticized Dyson spheres. Remember that the sun has a diameter of almost 1,400,000 km, a structure The one surrounding it would have to have a much larger diameter to not be destroyed by heat or attracted by the sun's gravitational well.

There are several scientists who have been investigating this issue for years, for example the team of astronomer Marie Cody of the SETI Institute and these days the Hephaistos project led by Matías Suazo from the University of Uppsala in Sweden is in the news, who has published a study in the journal the Royal astronomical society, causing very shocking headlines.

And it is not true that we have evidence of the existence of Dyson spheres, at most we can speak of indications, there is a group of candidate stars whose light we capture in a strange and at the moment unexplainable way, what Matías Suazo and his team say In the study it is textually that "finally the analysis identifies seven candidates that deserve more detailed analysis, all of these objects are m dwarfs or red dwarf stars, so astrophysical phenomena cannot easily explain the observed excess infrared emission."

This is what the researcher says verbatim in his work, that is; First, the researchers have found seven candidate stars that have an anomalous emission that we cannot explain with our current knowledge, second, one of the possible options would be that they were surrounded by a megastructure in the style of Dyson spheres; third, that the in-depth study of these seven cases could lead to another explanation, we know that a large part of the red dwarfs suffer outbursts and alterations in their brightness, for example, we have it in our neighbor proxima sentauri, it could also happen that in reality They were enveloped not by a mega structure but by enormous clouds of dust resulting from the collision of planets, or that it is actually an effect of a natural phenomenon that is now unknown to us.

So far there is no definitive proof as some media announce, I wish it were, but it is one more chapter in this interesting investigation, we must work more, investigate more and improve our technology to obtain better data. At the moment we already know where to point our instruments. Yes We want to finally reveal the mystery of the Dyson spheres.

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