Scientific curiosity; iridescent clouds

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Scientific curiosity; iridescent clouds


This is a very beautiful, hypnotic curiosity, they are iridescent clouds taken from Martinsberg in Austria by the astrophotographer Michael Jaeger, the complete recording would be 2 minutes, but they are accelerated in several seconds, which is how long this gif lasts.

The image is repeated so that we can see the movement of the clouds, these clouds are not normal, they are iridescent clouds, they are clouds of extraterrestrial material, that is, they are not made of material from the earth, this is real like this, and most of meteoroids, that is, small asteroids that range from a few meters to the size of specks of dust, you already know that they normally disintegrate in the upper part of the atmosphere, that is about 40,000 tons of extraterrestrial material per year.

When they disintegrate they transform into even smaller particles, even smaller than dust, into meteoric smoke, the iridescent clouds are clouds of that frozen smoke, that smoke is about 83 km above the height of the Earth's surface in the northern hemisphere. These clouds form at this time of year when summer arrives and during the summer and it is the moment in which the water vapor rises to the mesosphere and covers those specks of meteoric dust, covering them with a little bit of ice, enough for us to see them in the form of these clouds.

They are typical of this time of year, at least in the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere would be the hottest time of year. in the southern summer.

They are difficult to see, they can only be seen when the sunlight illuminates them from below, as you can see in the image, these images must have been taken shortly after the incident or before dawn, although the photographer does not say so, with the passage Over time that dust falls on the surface, but in the meantime it leaves us with these wonderful images.

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