Asteroids for the week

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Asteroids for the week

Asteroids for this week there is nothing highlighted, there is nothing important on the topic of asteroids, but it is possible that the media will start to scare people from this weekend with the potentially dangerous asteroid 2011 UL 21, it is one of the large ones, it is 1.7 to 3.9 km in diameter, it possibly has an elongated shape, there are no images of it, it also travels quite fast at about 93,000 km per hour at that speed you could go from New York to Madrid in less than 4 minutes .

With that size and speed, if it were to hit the earth it would cause a regional disaster, devastating a country the size of France and altering the planet's climate for years. When I say regional disaster, let's say a region the size of a continent, it would be something dangerous. , but that is not going to happen.

Although when it was discovered in 2011 there was a small possibility of it impacting in 2021, but it was one in 1 to a million and as more observations were made, the calculation of the trajectory of this asteroid improved and the possibility of impact was reduced. at one between 1 to 71 million and in the end on November 4, 2011 it was eliminated from the Sentry risk table, currently any possibility of impact for the next 100 years and beyond is ruled out.

This does not mean that within 500 years there will be a risk of impact, which is why it is good to prepare a planetary defense system, but at least we are calm for the next 100 years, in the end that close pass of 2029, according to calculations, will be an extremely distant pass, about 200 million kilometers and the closest approach that this asteroid will have in the coming years will be precisely on June 27, this flying mountain will approach us but at a very safe distance of 6, 6 million kilometers.

Despite its size, it will not be visible to the naked eye, it will be too far away, and asteroids are usually quite dark. It will even pass so far away that it will be difficult for amateur telescopes to capture it. The estimated magnitude is that it will be of 15.9, although it is possible that we have images of this huge asteroid thanks to professional observatories.

Conclusion and moral, if you start to see headlines like “Giant asteroid is heading towards Earth on June 27”, do not waste your valuable time by not clicking to see the news, there is no risk of impact and everything is known I have already told you about that asteroid, the only new thing we will be able to know about it will be if a real image is taken.


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