A Dyson Spheres is viable

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A Dyson Spheres is viable

If I were cold and I wanted a candle, I could put my hands close to it to warm myself a little, but if I wanted to get all the heat from the candle I would just have to surround it with my hands, surround the source of energy to capture all the energy that emanates It is a very simple idea, in fact it is an idea so simple that it could have occurred to any species throughout the entire universe and it is an idea that served as inspiration to create the theory of Dyson spheres, a theory that emerged in the last century, not to surround a candle but to surround entire stars and capture the energy that emanates from them.

They are theoretical objects, we have not yet found any Dyson sphere and the truth is that we could find some, certainly if the sphere were complete we would not be able to capture anything since nothing emanates from that sphere, but what if the sphere were not complete and if it were for example a system of rings, because then we would receive the light from the Star, we could capture that light but a deformed light altered by the existence of that mega structure and that is what a group of astronomers believe they have discovered.

The Dyson spheres are cosmic megastructures. Those of us who were telling you about the candle can add another basic principle that is at least fulfilled by the various human civilizations throughout history, all of which have been characterized by building structures, whether to live in them in a more comfortable way and avoiding the risks of living outdoors or in order to take advantage of the resources of the environment, and the larger a civilization is, the larger its structures are and this not only applies to humans, other species for example. Bees or ants build gigantic structures depending on their size. Ants, for example, build anthills where millions of beings live.

Such a colossal envelope, no matter how thin it may be, would mean dismantling entire planets to obtain the construction materials. Furthermore, a star is not something controllable. Even stable ones like the sun suffer flares and expel clouds of plasma that would end up damaging the structure. that it would have to be constantly repaired and there is a final criticism, it is the question that is asked by some scientists, why do something so colossal and so expensive to extract energy from a star when we humans in a few years will already have of fusion energy, the same energy that stars create by joining hydrogen atoms.

We will be able to build controllable mini stars to supply a ship, a city, a country or a spaceship that travels to other stars, we would not need to surround our sun with a mega structure, since we will be able to build stars tailored to our needs, this criticism is not means that the search for Dyson spheres has been abandoned, because there is also the question of what would happen to smaller stars such as red dwarfs, these stars have a diameter less than half the diameter of the Sun and the structure is not What may be a closed sphere, it could be a system of rings.

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