Should children obey only their biological parents?

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Good morning @heartchurch family, welcome to my blog. Today, I want to share an experience I had earlier today at home which has caused the title of this piece (blog).

Paul admonished the young Christian brethren to obey their parents in the Lord. I was finding it a bit difficult to understand that scripture because before today, I was asking myself why the Apostle did not say that the children should obey only their parents i.e their biological parents but those in the Lord. Thinking about this, I assumed that children and perhaps many other children may have thought that it's only their early parents that would have respected but no, it's not so.


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While preparing to go out for a lesson today, I overheard an old woman talking with a young lady cautioning her not remove the clothes so to hang clothes on the line. She said that the old clothes were almost dry, hence putting a wet clothe would cause the other clothes to smell bad. Despite the pleas from the elderly woman, the young girl went ahead to do what she was up to do. She squeezed the clothes that was sprayed on the line to dry, in the process the woman got angry and removed the wet clothes and told her to come and take the wet clothes, the girl murmured and hurled abuses at the old woman as she finally took her cloth to hang elsewhere.

I couldn't believe my eyes and ears with the event that took place right before me in a split of minutes. I felt sorry for both of them. For the old woman for having to go use her hand and to enforce that the young lady did what she had earlier directed her to do, secondly I pitted the young lady for not seeing anything wrong with her action of disobeying the older woman.

Truly this is nothing but the reality of the day that just played in for me to learn from. Now I asked myself, how many times have I as a person respected or obeyed the instruction of my parents (in the Lord)? Or should it be only my parents that I owe my respect and obedience? Seleh.

Of course know, we should not be disobedient to our earthly parents, our elders and God Almighty. We ought to respect obey and do the "right thing" that our parents bid us to. Take note that it should be the right thing, do not in the name of obeying your elders, you compromise your faith or disobey God.


I pray for the grace to be obedient to God, elders and constituted authorities.

Thank you for your time, God bless you.
I remain @vocab, your brother from another mother.

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