Build your leadership capacity in you

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(Giving direction to your day)
Ola Aina

Saturday 17th April, 2021


Text: “But among you it will be different. Those who are the greatest among you should take the lowest rank, and the leader should be like a servant.” Luke 22:26 (NLT)

Leadership is a position of service and responsibility. It’s not so much about a title or a position but a service rendered to move a people towards a God-defined goal. The purpose of leadership is not to exercise lordship over others; but to serve them.

I want you to take note of the following vital truths:

  1. Leadership is not about a position. It’s about impact. Your life can begin to make impact at whatever state of life you are right now. Anything you are going to become does not begin from the top of the ladder, it begins from the lowest step in the ladder.

  2. Leadership begins from who you are as a person and not the position or tittle conferred. Be more concerned about becoming the kind of person that others will gladly love to listen to and follow.

  3. Leadership is not about being popular but providing answers and solution in our sphere of influence. A leader can become popular in the process but that is never the goal.

  4. Leadership is about accepting responsibility to take on a task that others shy away from. Leadership is about taking the lead to do what others won’t attempt to do.

  5. The purpose of leadership at whatever sphere of life we are found is not to display superiority, but rather to influence others in the direction of God’s purpose.

  6. The eye is a leader on its own. The nose is a leader on its own; so is every other parts of the body. They are not competing but complementing each other. Find your unique place in God’s program and be the best you are called to be there.

Father thank you for the unique place you have placed me in life. Thank you for your grace at work in me.


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