Divine Guidance: A lesson from Isaac

Divine guidance is necessary for God's children to reach their promised land as demonstrated by Abraham and David with all being well documented in the Bible which makes the Bible a user manual for all who believed in God.

Let's take a look at Isaac story who have a closer relationship with God, the same way his father did and he enjoyed a life of divine guidance from God.

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When he was on his way traveling down to Egypt because of the famine that is in the city of Gerar which is situated in Philistines. God appear to him because of his rich relationship with God and told him to stay in the land where famine currently on rampage.

You will agree with me that many will still not believe it even when God appeared to them!

​​​​ ​​​​Against all olds Isaac enjoyed success exceedingly more than he imagined. He sowed in the land that same year and enjoyed a hundred percent fold. He become rich in the same land he wanted to run away from.

If God didn't intervene on his matter, he might have enjoyed success but not as great as it was recorded in the land of Gerar.

He ended up controlling the destiny of the country at that time.

There is need to have a closer relationship with God for God to help you in every little decision of your life. You will be able to know the voice of God when it arrives.