Call Unto Him...

in HeartChurch8 months ago


Good day everyone. Hope you all are doing awesome today. This is to remind someone that Jesus knows everything about you and He knows every situation you are in. Are you going deep into sin? Do you have family issues? Issues at work or what? He knows everything and wants to settle everything for you.

He knows you, He knows your name, He is your Father, your Lord and creator and ofcourse knows everything about you. He said in His word "Come unto me, All you that labour and have heavy weights for I will give you rest." Jesus has rest for you if you are troubled and stressed out.

All He needs you to finish connect back to Him because He is your source and true only way, truth and life. Connect to your source today and let Him take full control and charge over your life and everything around you. When you allow this happen, you can trust that your life will never remain the same again and all your burdens will be lifted. He is calling you today. His name is JESUS.

Thanks so much for reading
I remain my humble self @oredebby