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Pride has been cataloged by the Bible as one of the greatest sins of humanity and it really is the greatest sin that man can have since other sins are derived from it.

The word arrogance comes from the Latin superb ya and is a feeling of valuing oneself above others, overvaluing the self over others, it is a feeling of superiority that leads to boasting of one's own qualities or ideas and belittling others' .

In this sense, God can never see a proud person who is self-centered and rejects other people because God totally rejects the proud.
Let's see what the following verse says:

James 4: 6
6 But he gives more grace. This is why it says: God resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble.
(King James Version)

People who receive the grace of God are humble people but the proud will never receive anything from him because their attitudes offend the glory of God.

So if pride is the greatest of sins, humility must be the greatest virtue of man and rightly the Bible declares the honor of God to all those who have learned the value of humility


Humility is what allows us to recognize our mistakes, our limitation and the need for God in our lives.It is also what allows us to recognize that we are sinners and that there is a universal creator who is sovereign, merciful and all powerful.

The humble receive the blessings and grace of God in addition to receiving the secrets of the kingdom because they touch the heart of God with their humility while the proud close all possibilities of God in their lives they close heaven and they are not fit to receive the glory of God
Let us remember that our Lord Jesus Christ said: Blessed are the poor in spirit because they will see God


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