No matter where you are, God will prosper you

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It is very common nowadays to hear people who want to better themselves want to leave the place where they are, their country, their family, especially in those countries where economic crises are worsening and people want to change their standard of living. But it is not always necessary to move from your place to change your life and be prosperous, it is important that at the time of making a decision as relevant as this, ask God for direction.


For example Joseph was moved from his place because he had to be processed to face and carry out a purpose that God had traced for him, so let's start from this example, Joseph went through several situations before fulfilling his purpose, let's study the slave Joseph.

For Joseph it could have been quite difficult to go from being a spoiled child to being a slave, and here is the secret of why Joseph had to live in a different way, he had to be changed in order to be promoted.

Joseph becomes a slave, but Joseph acted correctly before God and men and was a prosperous man, so says the bible, no matter where you are, no matter your economic situation, if you keep yourself in integrity and righteousness before God, God will prosper you.

Even in the worst condition you can imagine, God can prosper you, no matter if there is crisis, no matter if the situation seems to affect everyone, you have the blessing of God, He gives the power to make riches, He gives bread to the sower and seed to the eater, you just take care to be focused on your purpose, without deviating, without complaining and obeying completely the voice of God.

No matter the situation in which you find yourself, no matter the country or your condition, Joseph was in conditions contrary to what he was used to and that was not a limitation to be blessed by God. Maybe God will take you to different places than what you are used to or even where you are, He will bless you.

But Joseph had faith in God, he knew who he trusted and no matter what the circumstance was he knew that God would act in his favor, that is how we should think as children of God, if God's will is that you move from your place believe me that He will indicate it to you and if you do not know how to listen to Him, He will look for a way to make you reach your purpose.

We must understand that God will sustain us and support us wherever we are as long as we remain firm and in integrity towards Him, even if times seem bad, God will still prosper you because He has determined so for His children, for those who believe Him.



 2 months ago 

God wants me to prosper in all things. The Bible tells us in 1 Chronicles 26: 5 that Uzziah “persisted in seeking God in the days of Zechariah, understood in visions of God; and in these days that he sought Jehovah, he prospered him "

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