Mistakes are seasoning

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"Another name for mistake is experience".

At the twilight of another day, month or year, we are often saddled with the task of evaluating our lives and and without doubt many of us have good memories of such times and also call to mind the bitter experiences we had encountered.

Sometimes we realize mistakes we may have made as we journey through time and probably the memory of these mistakes tends to pollute the joy that comes with the freshness of the dawn. Do not worry. Making mistakes is part of human nature. A Latin saying puts it thus, "To err is humanc.

I read sometime age that there was a time when the Roman catholic church had a doctrine known as PAPAL INFALLIBILITY, meaning the Pope was incapable of error. According to historical records, it was later reviewed.

No man is flawless, from the Great men and women who are world celebrated heroes and heroines, to Biblical characters like Moses (a murdererl David (an adulterer) and Peter (a betrayer) to name but a few.

Even in contemporary times, we have witnessed respected world leaders like former president of the United State of America, Bill Clinton, making a mistake by having an intimate sexual relationship with a 22-year old intern during his tenure in the white house.

It almost cost him his seat. Though mistakes can be very costly and heart breaking, we must learn to also see mistakes as wonderful things we ought to embrace. They are necessary for our growth. Some of the lessons offered by the experience of mistake are that:

. They teach us to be less hasty in our judgment.
. They reduce our aptness in condemning others.
. They tame our pride.
. They make us rely more on God's grace above our abilities.

Indeed mistakes have benefits and blessings that come with them. However, you must not wait to learn from your mistakes, learn from the mistakes of others. I bet you it is less costly.

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