It's my beautiful baby girl's first birthday

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Today is the first year birthday of my baby girl. Since she came into our life last year, she has been a blessing to the family. I thank God for her life, she is a happy girl.

She is our first child and due to our inexperience with children we taught is will be difficult as we don't have any other person staying with us to help our or a nanny or someone experienced with children but all I can say is that it has been a smooth and easy ride taking care of her.


Since she was born into the world, we have not had course to rush or take her to hospital for any reason except to take her vaccine. She is indeed a good girl. She is eating well, playing well and interacting well with everyone.

She is also a very intelligent girl. She learn fast and has been a source of joy to the family.

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We are happy to be celebrating her first year anniversary and I pray that she will celebrate many more years on earth with good health and wealth.

I pray she will continue to grow in God's wisdom. God will shower her with knowledge and understanding. She will never lac anything in life. She will live to fulfill God's purpose on earth. She will not die young. She will be great in life. The whole world will see the glory and the beauty of God in her.


I want to thank everyone that joined us to celebrate our beautiful child. From the people that called to those that send messages, that that celebrated her on their social media pages and status. I pray the joy of the lord will not depart from you all.

To may baby girl, daddy's joy, I want to tell you that I love so much and I will do my best to care for you, protect you and train you in the way of the Lord.

Happy birthday to you Faith (Daddy's Joy)





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Thanks for Dropping By !

Best regards


1st birthday of my Baby


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