Importance of Meditation

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Job 32:8; But there is a spirit in man, and that inspiration of the Almighty gives them understanding.

Mediation is an act which involves carefully pondering over something, in this case the word of God, concentrating on the Word of God and prayerfully seeking understanding from the Holy Spirit, allowing the Lord to speak to you through his Word forms the basis of our Meditation.

When we read the Word of God, when we wait on the Holy Spirit to speak to us and to guide us, when we await our Rhema in our devotion, it is pertinent that we do not do so only with our head and our understanding from church or the previous service or a sermon that we head a pastor preach, rather or more importantly we should focus on our heart and our spirit tuning in to to that of the Holy Spirit.

For it is by so doing that we get the Word in our hearts, and in our minds, in our souls and in our Spirit. We obtain the Blessings of Word of God when we have it in us and also when we allow ourselves to be taught right by the Holy Spirit such that we get the word as he wants us to. Meditation Upon the Word of God is an important exercise that we as parishioners and every single Christian should learn and practice frequently for it connects us to the spirit and helps feed our souls.


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