Heartchurch Week 2 challenge : inviting people to telos

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Greetings everyone, I'm happy to be here again today, I thank God I wake up to see this day. It is a privilege to for me to be a member of this church, that why I took the bold step into second phase of the challenge.

When new members joined the church it is always a good thing because it does not only help them naturally but also spiritually which is Good thing. Have been trying to go my neighbors house and share the goodnews of telos with them but people don't wanna take any risk because of pandemic, so I decided to to get new members online which work well.

I joined a group on whatsapp, I told them about heartchurch, telos steemit and hive. Few people that are serious minded was willing to join train and join the group I created. I registered few accounts on telos, steem, hive in the morning, we already have new members and so we will new subscribers too.

This picture of of the chat







These are the account I created in the morning.

They have all received there heart token today


The search continues tomorrow.

Thanks for your time.


Maybe just the motivation I need to get involved with Telos.

It would be nice to have you on telos


You can claim an account here from the church and use dwaynerip.jc as your referral

Application sent :)
I selected Darlenys for the Senior input.
I doubt she knows me but I've enjoy her content @darlenys01 (what little to which I'm familiar).

Hi. The email verification did not go through.

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