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Everything in life has a cause and an effect and throughout it we acquire a series of values ​​that are transferred in our actions. These values ​​can be good or bad because certainly for many what is good is bad for others and vice versa.

In this sense, people are responsible for the attitudes we assume in life and according to our values, so will our behavior

Let us remember that values ​​are principles that mark the attitude and behavior of people, that is, they are aspects that
influence their behavior and allow them to grow as individuals by understanding them as positive contributions to the development of their lives.

According to this context, I want to express that every action of ours has an effect, so I responsibly say that according to our attitudes this is how our life will be. I say this because many people talk about the permissive will of God, a question that is not argued in the Bible and when they go through complicated situations they say that it is God's will

In this sense I want to express to you that what we live many times is because of our attitudes and actions because God's will for us will always be good, pleasant and perfect.

Romans 12: 2
Do not conform to today's world, but be transformed by renewing your mind. This way they will be able to verify what is the will of God, good, agreeable and perfect.


It is for the following reason that the word of God advises us to live a pious life in obedience to God so that as Christians we do not conform to the current world or practice any of its actions but rather that day by day we deepen in his word and let us be transformed in all mind and heart in order to verify with conviction the will of God that is good, perfect and pleasant

Many people believe that all the bad things that happen in the world God sends them, no he is not the God of death, he is the God of life, what happens is that since man is separated from God by sin, his actions drive him to do evil and as every action has an effect or a cause for it we see evil day by day in our society product of the evil and sin of man.