Request for investigation of my account which is declared blacklisted by the Crypto Professors// By:@zeeshanakram

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Hello steemians i am @zeeshanakram i am working in crypto academy according to the rules of crypto academy. In this week i submitted my homework of the crypto Professor:@awesononso but after checking of this lesson the Professor @awesononso comment me

Hello @zeeshanakram,

Thank you for taking interest in this class

Unfortunately, this account has been blacklisted and therefore is not eligible to perform tasks in the academy )

But there are rules when i got first time plagrisam then @endingplagiarism said to me: check this link:

These are rules which were said to me:

👉 Stage 1 - 1st Warning - Pointing offenders towards Achievement 3 and highlighting this process. All plagiarised posts currently pending rewards will be flagged and downvoted to $0 rewards.

Stage 2 - A Final Warning - Another request to stop and that plagiarism will not be tolerated. Downvotes amounting to 20% of total pending rewards according to steemworld.

Stage 3 - A stronger message - Downvotes amounting to 50% of pending rewards.

Stage 4 - The strongest message possible - Downvotes amounting to 100% of pending rewards.
Plagiarists will bypass stage 1 if translated from another language.

Only one time Plagrisam came in my whole post and only one warning given to me plese check my whole post if plagrisam came according to your rules then definately to can blacklist me but here i want to ask you gave me proof of four stages which you describes in warning post. Only one time plagrism came. Then why blacklisted to me give me reason or gave me permission to work in crypto Academy.

So i am requesting to:
@steemcurator01 ADMIN
@sapwood MOD Professor[Advanced]
@steemcurator02 MOD

Plese check my whole post and whole account if there are four warning in my account then gave me proof of these warning and declared my account blacklisted. If only one time plagrisam then gave me permission to work in crypto Academy. Thanks

Regards By:


This is only one post on which i got plagrisam here is link of that post:

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