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RE: Verasity - Advertising Services On Blockchain - Steemit Crypto Academy - S5W7 - Homework post for @wahyunahrul

Hi @rosita-nkefor, Thanks for taking my class.
Based on the homework that you have made, here are the details of the assessment you get:

Assessment AspectScore
Understanding Questions1.3/2
Quality of Assignments1.3/2
Writing Procedure and Structure0.8/1
Follows Rules and Guidelines1.3/1.5
Grammar and clarity of information delivery0.8/1
Effort in Submission of Information1.2/1.5

My Reviews and Suggestions:

  • Give more effort to the tasks you create.

  • Your writing structure can still be improved.

  • Your explanation on questions number 5 and 7 could still be better, please provide a more detailed explanation.

  • Make a better explanation on each screenshot.

  • Give better and easier to understand conclusions.

  • Grammar needs to be improved to make it easier for others to understand what you are trying to convey.

Thank you!

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