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RE: The Steemit Crypto Academy : Season 3 : The Three Levels

Hello Team Steemit / @steemitblog I need your support to support our local community in Aceh

You can see our activities in the STEEMIT ACEH Community I have created the community and have also made our community official by means of promotions,

And we really hope that the Steemit Team can provide support for our community in aceh,

Community Links:

Please support if you want to contact me here is my contact:

Discord : Tailah.Bayu#7106

Twitter :


Are you working with @anroja and the other Indonesia Country Reps?

How will your community interact with Steem SEA?

Saya melihat komunitas ini seperti komunitas umum lainnya, tidak ada yang spesifik. Apalagi jangkauan komunitasnya bersifat lokal (Aceh). Di Komunitas ini postingannya lebih banyak tentang fotografi (saat ini sudah sangat banyak komunitas serupa lainnya) dan promo Steem (sudah ada komunitasnya di Indonesia yang di pimpin oleh arie.steem.)

Sebenarnya semakin banyak komunitas semakin bagus, tapi menurut saya komunitas baru harus memiliki keunikan dan fokus pada satu hal yang akan diprioritaskan. Misalnya Fotografi, promo Steem, Newcomer's, dan lain-lain.

agree brother 100 %


Siap 86 bang

I built this local community myself and do not cooperate with others,

And I plan to develop a steemit platform in our area in Aceh so I make the name of the community (STEEMIT ACEH)

and hope that the Team after being able to give us its support And for now I am being helped by Team India

You can see our community introduction post directly, hopefully we can get the support and hope the community that I created can grow throughout Aceh,

Hopefully you and the Steemit Team can provide support Thank you

Sorry sir, I just wanted to add my opinion.

So I think it's better if we activate some Steem communities that have been created by some users who have collected Steem, then we contribute continuously and develop talent to create creative content.

Then what we need to do is do a Steem Promo to promote #steem and #steemit. We need to collect energy and do Power ups regularly. So with the contribution of all of us, it will grow and increase the value of Steem

Now I am also developing the "The Youth Steem" team, we are collaborating with several youths to promote Steemit to the people and youth of Indonesia.

This team started as a group of young people who are active and creative in creating Steemit content. we are regular Setemian and we continue to create content and continue to concentrate on some Steem communities. We support Steem Promo promoters and we are ready to support anyone who promotes Steem in Indonesia.

The community that I built is indeed a local community, namely aceh, as you said (anroja) on this steemit platform already has many communities and each community has its own creativity (steem promotion) and (photography) and others

If you think like that, then why do we go to school and pursue to become teachers and lecturers, because all of them already exist, so why do we do all that, I think it's a very silly thought,

And I really agree as said by @bangmimi because by having many communities it will be better and we will both do steem and steemit promo activities in our respective areas,

The steem promo community that already exists in Indonesia, while in Aceh it doesn't have it yet, Aceh and Indonesia are different


Thank you my brother and thank you for the steemit team