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RE: Crypto Academy | Season 2 - Week 2 | Homework Post for @stream4u | All About Price Forecasting

Hi @cryptokraze

Thank you for joining The Steemit Crypto Academy Courses and participated in the Week 10 Homework Task.

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Good one. Provided information are explained very well and in detail.
Looks fine. While using images from own charts study, try to put your name in free space.

Your Week 10 Homework Task verification has been done by @Stream4u, hope you have enjoyed and learned something new.

Thank You.
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Thank You for evaluating my task. I appreciate your suggestion of putting my usrname on chart. Will do in next tasks. Actually my tradingview username is being shown on top left of chart that is FxKraze but I got your point and will add my steemit username on charts.


If you say, I can add charts with my username now.

It is fine now. That was a part of a suggestion which you can implement from the next task.