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Season 5 Week 8 of Steemit Crypto Academy has ended successfully. With this, Season 5 has also ended and I hope you all have learnt something new about crypto in this season.

This was an amazing week as Many Students have participated in the Beginner's Course. The lesson of this Week was about Reading Special Bar Combinations.

This Week, I have explained in detail about Price Bar Combinations. In this lesson, I have covered some topics which are -

  • Price Bars
  • Identifying trends using Price Bars
  • Special Bar Combinations
  • Closing on a High note
  • Spending the day inside
  • Getting outside for the day
  • Finding the Close at the open
  • Conclusion

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According to above topics, I have given them to present a Homework task related to above topics. The Homework Task is -

1- Explain Price Bars in your own words. How to add these price bars on Chart with proper screenshots?

2- How to identify trends using Price Bars. Explain for both trend. (Screenshots required)

3- Explain the Bar Combinations for Spending the Day inside for both conditions. (Screenshots required)

4- Explain the Bar Combinations for Getting outside for the Day for both conditions. (Screenshots required)

5- Explain the Bar Combinations for Finding the close at the open for both conditions in each trend. (Screenshots required)

6- Conclusion

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At the end of the week, We had total of 81 entries. The task distribution is :

  • 77 Valid Entries
  • 4 Invalid Entries
  • 0 Plagiarised Content

This can be shown on the chart below -


Grade Statistics

  • Plagiarized content refers who copied someone else's content without mentioning the proper source.

  • Below Average refers to grades below 5.

  • Average refers to grades within 5 and 6.9.

  • Good refers to grades within 7 and 8.9.

  • Excellent refers to grades within 9 and 10.

  • Invalid is for posts from users who are not eligible to perform the task.


From the above chart, 27% students scored marks within 9 and 10 and submitted excellent entries while 46% students scored marks within range of 7 and 8.9 while 17% Students scored average marks within range of 5 and 6.9.

5% students scored Below Average marks with in range of 0 and 5. There was 0 entry which was caught plagiarised.

The overall performance is good. It is good that No entry was found plagiarised this week which is good.

Average Grade is 7.4 marks from 81 Entries.

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Top 3 Homework Tasks

Below are the top 3 Homework tasks out of 129 Entries of this Week. They will get additional rewards for their effort on their homework post

UsernameHomework Post

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Recommendation and Feedback

  • The performance from students this week was great. They have explained about Bar Combinations in good manner. Most of the students answered it perfectly.

  • In question 2, They have to explain about identification of trends using price bars. Almost all students did it in a well manner but some of the students just explained it in the same manner I've explained in my course, this affects the originality.

  • In question 3, they have to answer about type of Bar Combinations which is Spending the day inside. Almost all students answer it perfectly along with two screenshots for both conditions.
  • In question 4, they have to explain about type of bar combinations which is Getting Outside the Day. All students answered it perfectly but some students did mistake in the chart for this type of bar combination. They should have also shown the next movement of price after the formation of this type of price bar combinations.

  • In last question, they have to explain about type of bar combination which is Finding the close at the open. Almost many students did mistake. All students answered it in a well manner but almost every student Provide wrong screenshots for this type of bar combinations. Many students Provide screenshots of two different price bars which have closing at the open where they all made mistake. They have to find the close at the open on the same price bar.

Below is the example for this type of bar combination.


  • Furthermore, Around 73% students did well in their Homework tasks.

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Contento de haber hecho un trabajo destacado y felicitaciones para los compañeros igualmente.

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Prof. This is really encouraging. Thank you for the feedback post.

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