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Greetings Steemit community today I come to perform the task of Professor @pelon53 I will talk about each of your questions investigate and perform my own analysis and deduction of each of the related points cordial greetings to all that steemitcryptoacademy community.


1.- Explain in detail the Solana PoH


Solana is a platform developed on the blockchain was founded in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko, using the name Solana Labs Project was born with the need to validate transactions, with a transaction validation system Poh. ( Proof of history) now with the great explosion and growth of ERC721 tokens (NFT) this has accepted the responsibility to enter the network of these tokens for the purpose of validating transactions of any type of NFT.

For solana there is no intermediary works with the decentralized system of the Defi so it improves the speed and transparency and highly scalable seriousness, which cares about the future and its users by keeping the ecosystem in a stable way.

Economy and speed of solana:

It works with a speed of 50,000 transactions / S and with rates as low as for example 0.00001$ in the year 2017 solana was beginning to be born launched its ICO this raised about 25 million dollars for the year 2020 the developers decided to take out the main network of solana, Poh we can say that it is not a consensus directly is a tool that allows us to solve the problem that present the other projects such as time and additional expenses of resources to confirm and validate any operation.

Thanks to the ledger we can guarantee that each message has the characteristics we are looking for, i.e. the blocks produced by the poh mechanism, allow the network nodes to be able to look at the state of a network thanks to this POH mechanism.

What is Proof-of-History (PoH)


PoH in Solana works with a hash that is generated with a SHA256 encryption algorithm what we saw in the past classes of professor @pelon53 is that this algorithm generates us a unique output from an input can not be repeated and is very difficult to decrypt, therefore solana grabs that output and uses it as an input for the next hash something extremely practical, for this way to have a transaction order for the next outputs and so on.

This is called an infinite interconnected blockchain of transactions after all this process occurs a node adds a block and it is not necessary to create a timestap as other networks like BTC or ETH do. This indicates that it is very different from the concept of pow to have clear doubts we will take as an example to BTC and ETH cryptocurrencies stars, these two cryptocurrencies aggregate transactions in blocks and these are not ordered only have the time and date of transaction in which the block was generated while Pho Ordered all from an output.

This generates greater speed between each block created, which also saves additional resources on the network.



2.- Explain at least 2 use cases of Solana.



As you all already know my pation is the development of Crypto games and this is one that was developed based on solana games is filling the market not only of enthusiasts and investors but the Gamer world is changing the way to see the ecosystem of the games then one of them is Eizperchain.

The alpha version starts on October 21st, it has practically the same methodology as axie infinity in relation to the game mode I mean it will have the participation of multiplayer, also PVP mode and PVE mode in this way calls the players to integrate into this new methodology of players and the motto is play to win and will have in addition to this free entry to the game so you can start playing for free.

This game will have a world to interact with other players, ie we will all meet in a mysterious world where we will have to collect materials combat etc. to earn a token which then we will exchange to buy other items or simply to exchange it for fiat coins.




They promise us a Decentralized project where they will bring us new features to solana has an improved liquidity but an Ethereum Network based exchange, but using the solana network this makes the benefits for transactions a bit cheaper and faster remember Ethereum network is quite expensive, they will bring new features to solana like range limit transactions, limit orders and stop loss.

They will also use the decentralized mechanism of Automated Market Markers for stable pairs, this allows us to really create a market without using algorithms.

Currently on coinmarketcap we can see Cyclos at a price of $2.78 and positioned at #2792



3.- Detail and explain the SOLA token.

The Solana token is created apartir of the need to order and create new features that help the Defi ecosystem, born on 09/08/2021 which employs the a method of participation that do not usually have other tokens as the more tokens you have more power of participation will have in making decisions, we can see in the coinmarketcap that has in its Market Cap $1,627,428.00 has a total of tokens in circulation of 27,153,077 has a maximum supply of


It can be traded at the following link Source

It is currently accepted in 1940 wallet Holders.

Currently priced at $0.059714 per Sola token.

Token name Token name Sola Token (SOLA)

Token address FYfQ9uaRaYvRiaEGUmct45F9WKam3BYXArTrotnTNFXF

Decimals 9

Web site:



4.- When did Solana Blockchain see its operations interrupted, and why? Explain.

On 09/14/2021 solana stopped its transactions for 8 hours as many users were reporting delays in their transfers, the team talked about this issue on Twitter they never gave correct information at first it was thought that it could be DDos attacks or The high saturation of transactions having peaks of 400,000 transactions per Second and being 60,000 transactions per second the daily normal.

This should have caused occasional nervousness in the community and generated a fall due to the fear and the Fun, but it was not caused by the saturation problem, the token held up to the failures and the psychology of the users was quite strong that day.



they talked about what happened on the platform it turns out that the network forked automatically which caused memory consumption and therefore the nodes disconnected. they also talked about the output of an (IDO) and saturation by some bot that would try to upload that token Raydium is called. thus causing total collapse and disconnection of the nodes.

Solution of the problem:

The Desv's decided to update the Software and this fixed the problem the version was v.1.6.24 they implemented methods to restart the network and then released v.1.6.25 putting the operating system back up. it was not easy to solve this as the dev's had not seen this problem very often. the important thing is that they were able to fix and thus continue with fluidity.


5.- Check the last block generated in Solana and make an approximate calculation of how many blocks per second have been generated in Solana, taking into account from the initial block to the current one? Justify your answer and show screenshots.


For this we are going to make a small practical guide to solve the approximate calculation.

Let's go to the following link:

Here we see that the blocks are created from 2 per second let's take the following block block/99163976


Block #99163976 has 2,808 transactions.

Transaction success rate 69.20%.


We go to

Where we are going to see the block and characteristics of the transaction.


Let's determine the block number 1 we must enter:

Put in the search engine Number 1

and you will find block 1


We enter the first transaction

Timestamp Mar 16, 2020 at 10:30:51 Venezuela Time


How many blocks per second have been generated in Solana, taking into account from the initial block to the current block.

let's perform the following operation each block is formed in 0.5 Seconds therefore

Blocks X second = 60S/0.5S= 2

Blocks X minute= 2x60= 120

Blocks X Hour= 120x60 = 7200

Blocks X Day= 7200 x24 = 172.800

Blocks X Month= 216.000x30 = 5.184.000

Blocks X year= 5.184.000x12 = 62.208.000

Answering the question let's look at the total number of blocks to date.

Year 2020 = Days 290

Year 2021 = Days 273

Total days 563 Days x 172,800 = 97,286,400 blocks.

For this we go to the last block of the task of the moment

99.163.976 - 97.286.400

So the final result is 1,877,576 has a difference.


I have learned important points made in this task, we learned new experiences regarding the solana network, I really liked this network because in addition to economic is very fast 50,000 transactions per seconds something that serves as an example for other networks. and especially the cost of transaction extremely economic. also I like the echo that works with smart contracts for NFT where we can create what we want in this wonderful network. to had an incredible acceptance since its launch and now is that it has future and positioning left to go, we also learned to calculate the blocks.


Thank you very much

by @laser145

 4 months ago 

Gracias por participar en Steemit Crypto Academy Season 4, Semana 4:

1Presentación y originalidad1.8/2.0
2Profundidad del tema1.8/2.0
3Cumplimiento del tema.1.6/2.0
4Calidad de Análisis.1.8/2.0
  • Buena investigación, en algunos casos faltó una mayor investigación.

  • La pregunta 5 es: Cuántos bloques por segundo y no vi esa respuesta. La intención es buscar la cantidad de segundos reales que ha funcionado Solana y con el último bloque explorado por ti calculas los bloques por segundos que se han generado realmente en promedio.


  • Investigar más a cerca del tema.

  • Leer bien cada pregunta para dar las respuestas correctas.

  • Espero seguir leyendo tus publicaciones.

Calificación: 9.0

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