Steemit Crypto Academy | Season 2 Week 4 Homework Post for @levycore - Selling and Buying NFT

Hello everyone. Our world has been fighting a big epidemic for more than a year. I hope all of you are in good health. Stay healthy! Thanks for reading.

Today I will share with you the my homework given by the professor @levycore


The largest NFT Marketplace: OpenSea

The main reason I chose Binance for my spot trading is the number of users and security. Therefore, the volume of the binance exchange is also high. In this way, I can perform my transactions more easily and quickly. Isn't that the first thing a person who does business in our world would want?

These are the main reasons why I choose OpenSea platform. OpenSea is one of the platforms with the highest number of users. I can deliver the NFTs I have on the OpenSea platform to more masses, and therefore I can sell my NFTs more easily. The simplicity of the interface and the ease of use of the platform are other things that attract me.


How to BUY NFT on OpenSea

I'll show you step by step how we can buy a NFT on the OpenSea marketplace.

First, visit OpenSea's website. =>
Then click on the My Profile in the upper right corner.

opensea 1.jpg

On the page that opens, click Sign In to link your wallet to OpenSea.
I chose MetaMask. If you want to choose another one, click Use a Different Wallet. OpenSea marketplace offers to you 11 different wallet options.

opensea 2.jpg

Give the necessary approvals.

opensea 3.jpg

Once you've successfully linked your wallet, choose what type of NFT you want to buy from the Marketplace section above. I chose All NFTs

opensea 4.jpg

NFTs are listed in the right-hand place. You can choose what you want to buy from there.
You can apply filtering from the left side section. So you can find the NFT you are looking for more easily.

opensea 5.jpg

You can make the purchase by clicking Buy Now. If the wallet you connected does not have enough ETH, you can click Add Funds to add ETH to your wallet.

opensea 6.jpg


How to SELL NFT on OpenSea

I will show you step by step how we can sell a NFT on the OpenSea marketplace.

First of all, you need to create a collection.
Click on My collections from the tabs opened by hovering the mouse cursor over the logo above right.

sell 1.jpg


sell 2.jpg

In the window that opens, add the information of the collection you will create and click Create.

sell 3.jpg

The collection has been created successfully. Now we will add NFT to that collection. Click Add Items
sell 4.jpg


sell 5.jpg

Enter the requested information correctly.
Then click Create

sell 6.1.jpg

Our NFT has been successfully added to the OpenSea platform. Now we are moving on to the sales process.
Click Sell

sell 7.jpg

In this section, you can adjust the price of the NFT, how long it will stay in the market, by which method you will sell it etc.
You can see the commission fee in the right-hand section.
Click Post your Listing after everything is set up.

sell 9.jpg

After giving the necessary approvals, NFT is put on the market.
Since there was not enough ETH in my wallet, I could not pay the gas fee and I encountered this error. If you have enough ETH in your wallet, you can sell without any problems.

sell 10.jpg


Advantages of OpenSea

  • OpenSea is the most popular marketplace. Spreading to more masses is its biggest advantage. We can sell our own NFTs more easily. When we want to buy NFT, we can find more options.

  • OpenSea offers us the possibility to connect to OpenSea with 11 different wallets. Which wallet is more useful for us, we can connect with it.

  • OpenSea is a marketplace that has received huge investments. With these capitals, OpenSea increases security and secures our transactions.

  • OpenSea has a simple interface and is very easy to use. We can easily buy and sell NFT.

  • They have low commission fees. The gas fee paid at the first entry is paid only once. Then we can make transactions with low commission fees.


Disadvantages of OpenSea

  • The gas fee paid at first is higher than the others.

  • I could not see a mobile app for Android. There is an unofficial application available on the Playstore, but using it can be dangerous. I definitely don't recommend it.

  • Having many different languages can make it even easier to use.



With the developing technology, our investment types are also changing. NFT is very interesting and it is only at the beginning of the road. It is getting more and more popular day by day. In the future, we can even do all our paperwork using this technology. Thus, we get rid of boring paperwork. Moreover, we can minimize fraud. Thanks to this homework of professor @levycore, we learned how to trade NFT on the OpenSea marketplace.

cc: @levycore


Hi @kadabra, thank for submitting your homework

Well done.. you have explained well about platform and how to buy and sell NFT

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thanks professor

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