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3.) Explain in your own words what an Exchange is. Differences between a Wallet and an Exchange. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of DEX and CEX. Have you used an Exchange before? tell us about your experience.


A Trade is a stage where a client can sell, buy, and hold digital form of money. In an Exchange, a client can likewise trade one coin to another or even change fiat for digital money or Cryptocurrencies for fiat. A Trade is an internet based market where selling and purchasing of digital forms of money occur. In Exchange, there is consistently a wallet area where the assets of the client are put away, contingent upon the cash that the client chooses, his crypto worth will likewise be displayed in fiat equivalent. For model in the event that I have say 2 Steem on Roqqu Exchange, it will in any case show me the equality of the 2 Steem in my neighborhood money or chose fiat just close to it. In a nutshell, a Trade is fundamentally utilized for exchanging cryptocurrencies. Types of crypto Trades are:
  • •Roqqu
  • •Huobi Global
  • •Uniswap
  • •Kraken
  • •Coinbase
  • •Binance Exchange and so on.

A Trade could be Centralized(CEX) or Decentralized(DEX).

A centralized exchange is a sort of Trade which is claimed and run by a company. They exists a focal position that controls the exercises of clients. In an incorporated trade the clients don't have complete control of their record in light of the fact that the proprietors of the trade stage approach the keys. This makes it not to be secure. It is uncertain. A Brought together Trade has practically every one of the insights regarding the client.There is a KYC element, and namelessness isn't guaranteed. Examples of Incorporated Trade are Binance Trade, Kraken, Roqqu and so forth.


On the opposite side, a decentralized trade is a kind of Trade which isn't constrained by any focal authority. It is individual to individual (peer-to-peer) market that permits a purchaser to manage a vender through a shrewd agreement without the obstruction of an outsider or focal position. In a decentralized trade, the client has full control of his keys and starts an exchange at whatever point he wants. An illustration of a decetralized trade is Uniswap, Kyber and so forth.


Grant me to begin with this. When I have cash in my pocket, I just need to plunge my hand in the pocket to gather the cash and spend. However, if the cash is in the bank, I should make a solicitation to the bank before I could gather and go through the cash. From the model on the last paragraph, The bank is compared to a Trade while my pocket is compared to a crypto wallet.

  • Wallet is a programming that permits a client to save his Cryptocurrencies. Wallets have secret keys that the client can use to get to his funds. A wallet could be on the web or offline. The primary capacity of a wallet is for holding our computerized resources albeit a few wallets permits a client to swap one resource with another.
    Wallet has a significant degree of safety and is been constrained by the client. This implies that the client alone has full access of the wallet secret keys thus can get to his funds. A wallet could either be a cool wallet (disconnected or offline)- This implies that the wallet secret keys and access are saved offline, the wallet isn't gotten to utilizing web which makes it Tobe for all intents and purposes difficult to hack. E.g. of cold wallets are: Ledger N, Trezor. Hot Wallets are online that are open through the Web as are vulnerable to hack. E.g. of hot wallets is Trust Wallet.


  • On the other hand, a Trade or Exchange is a commercial center where exchanging of advanced monetary forms take place. Exchanges are planned in the manner that it upholds purchasing Cryptocurrencies, selling cryptocurrencies, trading Cryptocurrencies, storing Cryptocurrencies and trading fiat for Cryptocurrencies or Cryptocurrencies for Trades could be centralized or decentralized.

Allow me to sum up the contrast between a wallet and an exchange in a table:

Main FunctionStorage of CryptosTrading of Cryptos
DecentralizationMore DecentralizedLess Decentralized
SecurityVery SecureLess Secure
ControlOwner has complete controlExchange stage nearly control everything
Currency SupportedOnly cryptocurrencyCryptocurrency and Fiat
ExistenceExist on the web and offlineExist just on the web


A Decentralized Trade is a Trade that isn't constrained by a solitary authority. It is a distributed trade stage which relies upon a shrewd agreement to finish transaction. The clients have control of theirs secret keys.


  • It offers a serious level of privacy. This is on the grounds that it keeps up with obscurity of the client and there is no outsider involved. The clients subtleties isn't in the public area or held by a solitary power.

  • The transaction are put away across different nodes(servers). This implies that there is no focal server that stores every one of the exchanges.

  • It is more safeguarded. Since there is no focal server, it makes it more hard to hack every one of the hubs simultaneously.

  • Another benefit of decentralization trade is that it can't be directed by the public authority.


  • Since it makes the client to be lacking a name, fake records could be possessed by false people who could utilize it to execute wrongdoing.

  • Decentralized Trade stages are not generally easy to use.

  • Cancellation of exchanges are more costly in a DEX.


Brought together Trade are Trades that can constrained by a focal power, and it has a focal server. The clients don't have absolute control of their keys.


  • High Speed-Incorporated Trade gives a high exchange speed to the client. This makes it simpler for the clients to start and finish exchanging especially quicker.

  • Centralized Trade gives assortment of resources for exchange from. It provides the clients with a more prominent number of crypto to exchange with thus clients should decide to the rundown of the crypto resources present.

  • Centralized Trade gives higher liquidity. This implies that the clients can undoubtedly change over Cryptocurrencies to cash for withdrawals. This likewise makes it simpler for the client to purchase Cryptocurrencies at a low cost and effectively convert his benefit to fiat for withdrawal without any problem.

  • A brought together trade has a higher exchanging volume when contrasted with their decentralized partner.

  • Centralized Trade has more mindfulness and more populace in the realm of Exchanges. It is simple for another dealer to give rundown of a Unified Trade than a DEX.


  • It is helpless against Hack-Since a brought together trade has a solitary server and all the secret keys of the clients are put away in the concentrated exchange, it is simpler for programmers to focus on the server and gather the secret keys of the clients.

  • A breakdown in the framework will influence the entire platform. This is on the grounds that there is only one single server that controls the entire process, once the server is down, the entire affiliation is finished.

  • Centralized trades don't ensure the client full control of his secret keys and assets.This implies that it isn't secure and the client can lose his well deserved resources quickly.

  • Owners of brought together trade stages can control the exchanging volume or even the costs of resources showed on their foundation.


I have utilized a trade previously is as yet utilizing it. Exchange offers me the chance to purchase, store, sell, swap and do other Cryptocurrencies exchanging related exercises on their foundation.

I ordinarily utilize the trade stages to purchase Cryptocurrencies resources when they are low, and I will store them and hang tight at a cost increment (bull season) before I sell it for gain. I am not really a drawn out trader. From the information I got from crypto academy, I used the Whales Cycle where I purchase during the Amassing Phase, I will watch when the market keeps on going bullish, that is the time that more Whales purchase in enormous amount on the double prompting a cost increases, then when the cost increment becomes steady (an opposition level), I will realize that the Whales have begun selling for profit (Distribution phase), i will now join and sell my purchase for benefit on the grounds that after the Dissemination phase, the next stage would be a Downtrend. Though I will sell my resources that I purchased a low cost before the Downtrend sets in (bearish season).

My Involvement with a Trade is more on Roqqu. I have figured out how to utilize fiat to purchase any coin of my decision and furthermore how to Trade a coin with another. Let me show how to utilize fiat to purchase a coin on Roqqu.

  • • Firstly, I will go to my verified Roqqu Account OFFICIAL WEBSITE

  • • I will now sign in with my Email and Password.

  • • Once open, you can see the fiat balance which is 2200 Naira, I Now click on "buy/sell".

  • • I clicked on "Instant Buy".

  • • Different token will display for my purchase, I selected STEEM.

  • • I was asked how much will I like to buy, I put in the amount which was 2,200 Naira and then click on "proceed with purchase".

  • Then i will have to confirm steem purchase, which is 1 steem at the rate of 331.58. therefore, my spend for 2,200 Naira will give me 6.5022 steem and the service charges will be 44 naira, then I click on "Accept".

  • • A display of purchase successful will appear.

  • • Finally I will go to wallet to confirm my purchase. My steem balance is now 6.5100.

Let present the interaction I used to purchase the STEEM on Roqqu in Pictures;


















An exchange is a commercial center A Trade is a commercial center where a client can purchase, sell or trade cash for Cryptocurrencies. It is essentially an internet exchanging stage which could be in a unified structure or a decentralized structure. Decentralized Trades are safer in light of the fact that the client has control of his secret keys while in Centralized Exchange, the Trade stage controls and approaches the clients secret keys.

A wallet is a product which is utilized for capacity of Cryptocurrencies resources and secret keys which could be online (hot wallet) or disconnected (cold wallet). Wallets are overseen totally by the client. Exchanging a Trade is a decent and productive experience particularly when the client purchases when the cost is low and sells when the cost is high.

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