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RE: Steemit Crypto Academy | Season 3- Week 3 | Introduction to Technical Analysis of Price Patterns

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Thank you for participating in the Third Season of the Steemit Crypto Academy.

Scale of EstimationScoreObservations
Question 13.0
Question 22.0
Question 32.0

You made a great effort, however, in the assignment, it was requested to show the amount of coins staked at the end of the year and its equivalent in USD, and in your post I don't see the answer. On the other hand, in Question # 2 the analyzes should be carried out for periods of time of 7 and 30 days respectively and not on historical data with compressed lapses.

Continue to strive, I look forward to continuing to correct your next assignments.


I will definately try to improve and focus on my post more ! thank you professor !

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