Summary of my work as a CryptoAcademy Promoter - Week ended today 22/11/2021



The week has flown by. Its that time of the week when I need to make a report of my activities as a Promoter of the academy. I did quite some work last week as I tried to get new people who will join the academy. There was some success recorded. Here is how I spent the week in promotion.


My Strategy for the week that ended

Running more Facebook ads Facebook is the social media platform where Nigerians are most active. According to a recent statistics, more than 20 million Nigerians are active on Facebook. So Facebook sponsored Ads has been an effective way to reach more people in Nigeria. So I ran a Facebook sponsored for a 7 days period and lots of people got in contact with me. I have a people that sent their application. All of them were gathered in a whatsapp group and I did a presentation for them. Below is the Facebook ad link

Facebook ad link:

Ad screenshot


How the Ad is Performing

When I did the first ad, we had a total of 12 persons in the group chat. But after this group chat, there was a total of

Whatsapp class

  • Ongoing Mentorship: Since the ad is run continuously, more people are joining within the week. So had to make sure they get to listen to a presentation about the project. Last week, I did two presentations for two different groups. A good number became interested in joining Steemit. Some have already made their first post and are considering doing the second, which is achievement two. Below is the graphics which I designed and use to announce the classes



Summary of my Recruits

Here is a summary of those that have joined us through the Facebook ad I have run

S/NUsernameDone Achievement 1 Post?


My target and Strategy this week

The Facebook Sponsored ad certainly cost money to run. So I am planning to increase the budget. Once the busdget is raised, the number of people that gets to see the ad will also increase. With this increased audience comes more potential recruits. I will also participate in the Steem Road show


I appreciate the opportunity to work as a promoter. I will continue to improve my efforts as I aim to get more new people to qualify and join the academy.

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