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RE: Crypto Academy Trading Competition - S6W1 | Team Crypto-Empires

in SteemitCryptoAcademy2 years ago

Really nice initiative . My questions are :

Are we going to get our posts curated on daily basis. If we post, say five times a week, are we going to receive curation rewards on all the five posts as before?

Can we participate in more than one team per week. suppose, some one make 2 trades in a day and post them with tag of two different teams. Is that allowed?

At the end, is it mandatory to have done 5 trades to fill google form? Aren't any less no. Qualifying?



You can't join with two teams in the same week. In the relevant week, you must stay in the selected Team. We will grade your Trade Posts after according to the quality of your trading strategy and all the above mentioned facts. So you will be rewarded same as before.

You can fill the form using your top 5 transaction. However you need to submit at least 1 transaction

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