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Good Morning to all, today I am Talking about my Assignment for professor @youhan2on in the Steemit Crypto Academy Advanced Course.

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Let's Start.


Research and Discuss the potential applications of Blockchain in the Health care industry


Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a Decentralized Public Ledger system that is completely secured. In Blockchain the information is stored in the form of blocks and highly secured by cryptography. In the Blockchain, there is no presence of any third party. It is Completely Secured. In the Blockchain all the transactions are public, But in the Blockchain, your transactions are recorded. The Advantages of Blockchains include immutability, distributed ledger, decentralization, smart contracts, enhanced security, and consensus. In this Lecture, we discuss How these Blockchain Features will play an important role in the Health Care industry. Let's first discussed What the Health care industry is.

The Health Care Industry

The Health care industry is one of the most vital factors in the world. The Health care Industry we say that it is a medical industry or health economy Industry. It Knows the current situation of the world. Things needed to improve health care are made in the healthcare industry. As we know that there are problems in human Growths, many issues Like Heart Attacks, Sugar, Blood Pressure (BP), Blood cancer, TB, Thelisemia, fever, Typhoid, paralyzed and Covid ( Corona Virus), They all are written in Health care Industry and In Health care industry they try to Improved the Health of Humans. They provide Solutions for harmful diseases.


There are many Potential Applications of the Health Care Industry Some of which I am going to discuss:

  • Drug Stock Progression
  • Data Security
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Billing Management

Drug Stock Progression

There are many Medicines in the countries in which there is a lot of drugs. Those who take drugs are intoxicated and deprived of everything this is due to the supply of drugs. There are many fake drugs supply and no one control this, Blockchain stores all the information of drugs and their ingredients so, no one will be able to promote drugs. If someone makes a drug Blockchain has her data, with the help of Blockchain Technology we can easily track drugs.
People get drugs from a direct doctor if the doctor prescribes any medicine for them, He direct takes the medicine to the clinic and Blockchain has all the data stored.

Data Security

In the Health care industry, there is a problem with data security Because they record data on paper or copy. The chances there was a danger of getting lost our data. So, Blockchain technology helps to store all data there will be security provided with private keys the chances of getting lost decreased due to Blockchain technology.

Electronic Health Records

For any Disease, a person should have to record what disease does the patient has, what medicine will he use? and much information like this, this information keep in mind is very difficult, So Here we need to introduce blockchain to electronic health records. Then Every information of Health will be stored by the patient.
Patients have data what the diseased to him. They can easily be saved her health record whereas, If it saves on paper It is difficult to save so, Blockchain plays an Important role in Electronic Health records.

Data security and Privacy

In health Insurance there must be an privacy issue, data Security issue the data can be stolen in health care industry, files missing problem, here Blockchain play an important role it can saved all our data and It will be totally secured, here blockchains give controls to private and public chains. Private information can be see only authorized persons and public information see by all the network participant.

Health Insurance

In Health Insurance sometimes insurance companies fraud with you, as well as normal people fraud for insurance company also So, Blockchain safes for her also Because in Blockchain all of our data safes and no one can manipulate this data means no one can change your data who entered this data only he has this authority to manipulate our data if company make this then Company cannot changes more because there are problems in blocks.

Advantages of Blockchains in the Health Care Industry

There are many advantages of Blockchains in health care industry, there are many data loss by health care industry while, Blockchain secure the data there is a problem of hacking also While, Blockchain also secure this, The Information is forwarded to another persons in Health care industry while, Blockchain also secure the information, Drug Stock Progression, Data Security, Electronic Health Records, Billing Management as well as my potential Applications like this Block chain Secure all the data information. Now, users have type information and blockchain add the data.


In the conclusion I just say that the Blockchain is a public ledger that save all our data in secure place and blockchain plays a Vital role for the healthcare industry. and just say to professor this lecture was very great i am trying my best to give the basic answer for the question.

Thank You Respected Mention:

Prof. @youhan2on.



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Hello @amjadsharif,
Thank you for participating in the 3rd Week Crypto Course in its 4th season and for your efforts to complete the suggested tasks, you deserve a 5/10 rating, according to the following scale:

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My review :

Medium content You did not go into depth to explain the importance of integrating blockchain technology into healthcare, it was possible to add and explain some of the projects completed in this field.

Thanks again for your effort, and we look forward to reading your next work.

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