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"It only hurts the first time", she had said to me reassuringly. And I can't say that ot was a lie. I had been laid off from my job as an office manager for about three months.

I went from the soul sucking servitude to my corporate masters, to the soul crushing panic of "How the hell will I pay rent next month?".

I looked for work online. Anything I could do from home. But all I found were either scams or gigs that didn't pay nearly enough to put food on the table. I didn’t have any special skills or talents either.

I considered Only Fans, but then I remembered I was a below average looking, scrawny, squeaky voiced dude who was in a lifelong battle with acne. So that went to hell.

One evening, I was in the local grocery store, looking for something affordable to fill my belly. That's when I ran into a fellow occupant of the building I lived in.


She lived in the penthouse, which was about nine floors above mine.

Gorgeous, confident, long legged Natasha.

Her piercing green eyes were enough to slau hearts. She and I often exchanged pleasantries, but our interactions never went beyond that. Though she was always kind and polite to me.

I would often think about her, when I was alone in my bed with my special friend in my hand. I'd wonder what would happen if I ever grew the balls to ask her out. But in the very next instance, I'd put that thought out of my head. A woman like that was way out of my league.

Natasha was sexy, intelligent and from the looks of her Porche, quite successful too. Sure, she always responded when I said hello to her, smiled at me etc. But that didn't mean she was interested in me.

I asked Natasha how she was doing. In her husky voice she replied that she was well, before asking how I was. While talking to this Goddess, I neglected to look at the prices on some of the cans I was putting into my cart. When the cashier told me the total amount I'd have to pay, I had to embarrassingly give some of the items back. Natasha was a few feet away from me and had the decency to look away. But I still felt humiliated.

The next morning, someone rang my doorbell. It was Natasha.

I asked her what was up, and she asked if she could come in.

"Sure! Come in!" I said as I let her in.

She sat on the couch and I offered her coffee, which she politely declined.

Wasting no time, she said she had a proposition for me.

"I want your blood" She told me, with the matter-of-factness of someone offering me a job.

"Wha... what?" I stammered. For a second I thought I had misheard her.

"I want your blood. Twice a month. I'll pay you two thousand dollars each time you let me take some. That's four thousand dollars a month for you. What do you say?"

"Wait! What..... WHAT?" I asked, exasperated as what she had said sunk in.

She chuckled and said "oh my mistake! You see, I am what people call a Vampire. I should have said that earlier, right?"

"You're..... a vampire?" I asked, as I recieved another shock before I could recover from the first one.

Natasha didn't reply. She simply opened her mouth and with a jerk of her lower jaw, her canine teeth lengthened. They were like switchblades or a cat's claws.

Fear and fascination took hold of me, rendering me unable to move or speak.

She waited for me to say something but I guess my wide eyes and hung jaw told her I wasn't quite ready to verbalise any thoughts yet. So, she continued.

"I don't like to kill people. Or forcibly take their blood. So I just find people in need of money and pay them for their blood. I have fourteen other blood providers in the city. I drink from each of them on two fixed days every month. I revisit each one every fifteen days."

"Umm..... that's a very specific schedule." I finally spoke.

"Well yes, it has to be. It takes fifteen days for a person's blood to be replenished. I pay them immediately after I've had my meal. Admittedly, it's not the greatest."

"Why not?" I asked, I was truly invested in what she was saying.

"Drinking blood this way doesn't have the thrill of stalking my prey, overpowering them and then sucking them dry while feeling their bodies go limp. But, as I just said, I don't want to hurt anyone."

"That's considerate of you!"

"Anyway, one of my suppliers just moved to a different city, and i need a replacement. So, tell me. Do you accept my offer?"

"Wait! I.... I don't understand. I've seen you in broad daylight. Aren't Vampires supposed to burn in sunlight?"

"Oh please! That's a bunch of nonsense Hollywood made up. We can go out in the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun does irritate our skin a bit. But it certainly isn't deadly."

"So, you're saying your skin doesn't sparkle in the sun?" I asked with a awkward laugh.

"Never make a Twilight reference in front of a vampire." Natasha shot back, "that movie has all kinda of negative stereotypes about us."

"Oh! Sorry!" I said, rather sheepishly. "But Natasha, I've seen you buy groceries."

"I do eat regular food sometimes. Though it doesn't provide me with the kind of nourishment I require."

I had a lot of other questions, but before I could ask, Natasha said, "All right. Enough small talk! Do you accept my offer or no?"

Four thousand dollars a month for no work at all. It seemed like a blessing from the heavens. But would it be safe?

As if reading my thoughts, she said "Don't worry. It's impossible for me to get or pass on any diseases. You'd be safe. You can speak to some of my other blood suppliers if you want."

I'm not sure why but I trusted her. If Natasha meant any harm she could have just drunk my blood forcibly. But she hadn't

I said yes to her offer.

"Shall we begin right now?" She asked, "I'm a little hungry."

"O...okay!" I said nervously. I get squeamish if I get a small cut. This would be on a completely different level.

"Don't worry" Natasha reassured me, "it only hurts the first time."

I took her word for it, and nodded my consent.

She got up and sat squarely on my lap, straddling me. She put a hand on my shoulder, and placed the other at the back of my neck. My heart was racing.

She then leaned into me like a lover leaning in for a kiss. I felt her razor sharp teeth sink into my flesh. It hurt, but only for a few seconds. As she drank from me, the pain subsided, and was replaced by a completely different sensation.

I don't know if it was the excitement of meeting an actual vampire, or just the thought of a gorgeous woman sitting on my lap and her mouth on my neck, but I was getting hard. I tried to adjust my sitting position so as to prevent Natasha from feeling my erection, but her grip was too strong and I couldn't move.

By the time she was done, I was fully erect and was worried that it might offend her.

She looked down at the tent in my pants and gave me a sultry smile. She told me not to be embarrassed.

"This happens all the time", she said, "it's no big deal!"

I was feeling lightheaded and Natasha told me to get some rest and eat healthy.

She then reached into her purse and took out two thousand US dollars. Cash. And handed it to me.

I've been Natasha's "blood cow" for about a year now. I still sell my blood to her, even though I have a job now.

And all I can is, there are much worse worse ways to make an extra income.


I think blood donations are less well paid ;-))

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