Steps to live independently so that you don't always depend on others

Steps to live independently so that you don't always depend on others.

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Independent living is everyone's desire, whoever people believe that having many friends in life is very beneficial, because not everyone can feel such kindness, but this is all there are many people who still feel lonely and need help from others, even so, both events still have a good side and a bad side of a life

If we depend on other people, it will be the bad side of someone who has unpleasant friends, this becomes a habit and not according to their abilities, this behavior can be bad for themselves, not only bad for us, but also craving for their friendship environment, if inhin avoids the behavior of depending on others, there are some examples we can do to benefit ourselves, everyone has a potential that deserves to be developed.

1. Must have the courage to say No, this will make you more independent.

Rejecting is sometimes a problem that is difficult for someone, what about issues that make our hearts doubt, the offer of a friend often makes us still depend on him, so it's no wonder to say no right away, even though sometimes this decision is very difficult to say ..

If in terms of work we dare to say no, we can set schedules and prioritize one priority, what we will get when we dare to say no, is to be able to do many things for ourselves and know what we want, and we have to control our thoughts. So that we don't depend on other people, this life must have a target for us to achieve, don't give up quickly and always try.

2. Dare to make decisions and always be responsible.

Dependence on other people can start from the smallest possible behavior, such as being able to decide for yourself and weighing the causes and consequences and a risk that we will get, but someone who is not easily dependent on others shows that the decision he has chosen is his personal responsibility, and not blaming other people, this way that can make someone grow and change themselves.

3 . Do not always be spoiled and quickly give up.

It is very unlikely that someone can live alone, it is impossible for us to adapt without the help of others, then we must always try new things, there will be a lot of new knowledge when we dare to try, never give up even though we don't know anything, the point is not depending on others is to try first, as an adult each person will be tested with skills in his own self, no longer a spoiled child whose every action must be given help.

4. Set your own life goals, don't follow other people too often.

Being a follower is one of the causes of dependence on other people, this can make us have to follow other people's words, this incident is because we don't have a life goal to achieve, if we don't have clear personal goals, it will make us less understand one skill, time will continue to run, therefore don't get your hopes up to be the same as other people too, this can have an impact on feelings, including our happiness is limited because it is regulated by the happiness life of others.

Summary of the story above...

Every life has various challenges and tests, the only way to deal with them is to prepare yourself, don't easily hope to others because they must have their own challenges, stay excited, always try and stay consistent

Thank you..

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