Your deeds will return to you

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The word "round the earth" is not just used to mean round the earth!
Another reason to call the world round is that whatever you do, you will get it back, that is, your deeds will return to you.

Today you are a child but tomorrow you too will be a parent.
You are leaving your parents in the old age home today. Tomorrow your child will not even think twice to leave you in the old age home!

You are the son's wife today but tomorrow you will also be the mother-in-law. Don't be fooled by your mother-in-law's hopes that your son's wife will dance with you on her head!

You are a husband, so you are using whatever you want with your wife. You are unknowingly forgetting that she is the darling daughter of any father. But don't forget that you and the girl you have will have to be someone else's wife one day.

You are the mother-in-law, so you are telling your son's wife whatever you want behind the boy's back, but remember that the girl you have also has to be the wife of someone's son one day.

Today you are stepping on the ground with pride
But if you forget that one day you have to go under the ground, tell me how to do it!
Think about what you do because you will get back what you did.

It is foolish to expect a mango from a mango tree, just as a mango tree cannot be planted.
In the same way, give up the hope of being good to yourself by doing bad things to others.
Man forgets the injustice done to him but nature does not forget his revenge.

Written By Alvin Wales

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