Oh you could swat that thing away like it was a fly sir galenkp! lol. Those guys are so big they'd be picking off Koala bears if they were in Australia. Are you on your trip?

Yes, I'm actually sitting down in the hall about to watch the graduation ceremony.

Wow you are such a multi-tasker! I've been outside all day working on the house, just got on steemit for the day so I'm a little behind!

Man of many talents I am... 🙂

That's an understatement but I agree! I just got on here for the first time again today taking a break, I haven't been off steemit this much since I joined but if I don't get the work done the Mrs. J will get the axe out. She's already threatened to cut steemit off. lol.

Haha, well I'm fortunate bin that Faith has never said anything like that. I get it though. You have to take care of business.

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