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I just recalled what happened in my high school days. It was an examination week and I had to trade two of my papers for a spiritual event that shouldn't be missed and one as I was very ill. My teachers refused to give me the papers I missed when I actually returned the following week. They said I refused to take my studies seriously. I felt bad because I never wanted a drawback from my position in that class. The class was quite competitive with nerds.

Any slag will throw you off balance. It was brilliant but not the most brilliant. Knowing I missed three papers out of 9, I had to write the remaining 6 aggressively like my life depends on it. I never believed in my ability to be serious withy academics the way I was that term. It was an impossibility to be among top 10 in class because of the three subjects I missed. The results shocked me to my bones.

Chemistry 95%Biology 89%English ❌
Mathematics 91%Physics 97%DP 97%
Civic 96%Economics ❌Agric ❌

I came 3rd in a class of 75 even with the fact I missed three exams. I felt I was the most brilliant in the class with such result. What transpired? A BRILLIANT MIND

How do you handle yourself when making decisions? Are you able to solve problems?

When making decisions, I always consult those who have made such decisions before or have a high level of experience than me. It's not as if I can't solve these problems myself but there are scenarios whereby I'll have to sharpen my mind with another person's. That's how to get a brilliant mind. When you feel you know, they pride comes in and you feel dependent on yourself for everything you do.

There's a saying, iron sharpens iron. This is applied in some cases and not all cases though.


Sometimes I make decisions myself and solve problems easily and sometimes I seek help from others. The picture below shows me trying to make a decision. Despite the fact that I'm the director of academics in my department, I do seem help.

Intelligent people know how to align their abilities with their possibilities, do you think that is the secret to success from your perspective?

Intelligent people know how to do this effectively with good results and in my own perspectives, aligning one's ability with one's possibilities is one way of being aware of one's self as success comes from this as well. When you recognise your skills and strength, strategically leverage them on opportunities that are available and also understand how these skills can be applied best in situations where you see potentials, you're more likely to succeed and achieve best of results because these skills are focused on potentials.

Creativity is often associated with the artistic but it goes beyond that, how creative are you? Do you find it difficult to conceive ideas?

Meditation is one thing that helps me understand my creativity and get to use it to the full. As this question implies, creativity goes beyond the artistic. I don't find it difficult to conceive ideas even when writing a content here on steemit. My creativity do fly which makes all my contents unique. I may not be fluent in my use of grammar but I make everything appealing and I always have the right pictures to use. This is evident in the posts on my blog

PXL_20240216_183515452.PORTRAIT (1).jpgMy photographic creativity
PXL_20240301_125201340.PORTRAIT.jpgOne of my major creativity.
PXL_20240515_164828610.PORTRAIT.jpgMy photograph
Screenshot_2024-05-13-07-03-46-632_com.adobe.lrmobile-edit.jpg BeforeScreenshot_2024-05-13-07-17-49-282_com.adobe.lrmobile-edit.jpg After

When it comes to photography, I don't find it challenging to select the right picture for a content because it's something experience has taught me for years. The below are ways my brilliant mind conceive creativity in different levels.

My brother took is a perfect example of someone who has creativity that is in-built. He loves doing things with his hands. He'll just sit down and start thinking of what to do with his hands and from the pictures below, these are samples of how his creativity do fly.

PXL_20240501_105907105.jpgMy brother's creativity
Are you able to work and have people around you who are smarter than you? What advantages are there in that?

There's a saying, iron sharpens iron. This implies sharing ideas with people and getting the best of ideas from the shares. My mom would always tell me to sit, read and associate myself with people that are intelligent than me. It takes humility to do this especially when you feel you should be better than those who are intelligent or brilliant than you are.


The advantages in working with those that are smarter than I am is that I get smarter everyday as I combine the knowledge I have with theirs and become full of myself. It also helps me think like a scholar and doesn't reduce my steeze. Associating myself with those who are less smarter than me sometimes make me limit myself to them and also bring up that bad quality pride.

How easily do you adapt to new changes in any aspect or area of your life? Does it usually overwhelm you or the opposite?

I'm a man of change and I've undergone a lot of changes in life that necessarily needed I adapt as it left me with no choice. Even in the hardest of times as we're facing now where things are difficult to purchase, what I usually eat before when things were cheap is being curtailed and I don't allow such overwhelm me.

Instead, I look for ways to balance my income so things like that won't really affect me. In terms of the changes on steemit, I've been adapting and will always adapt and get used to it. That's what the brilliant mind is good at. I invite @avalaunch, @joymm and @heriadi to participate



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You have pointed out a very important point that if we look for a solution to any problem and come to a decision, we want to talk to experienced people who have faced this problem and we continue to take our decisions based on their experience. A person who recognizes his abilities well, never forgets to take advantage of his opportunity and works under a plan in an effective manner and his performance is always full of success. May you be successful in the competition.

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It's good to read your comment on my post. It means a lot to me and you've shared some things I've learnt as well.

 last month 

Dear friend, here we all are learning a lot from each other. And by understanding each other's thoughts, our perspective is also broadening. Best wishes.

I enjoyed reading your posts. Consultation is very helpful when solving problems. That is why I always tell people to surround themselves with smart people.

Challenges comes to grow us and examine us to know if we have really learnt anything about life so far.

That is why the challenges of yesterday becomes a child play to us as we grow other.

Thank you for sharing. Indeed you are a brilliant fellow. I could it all over your post.

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You're right. When you surround yourselves with smart people, it doesn't mean you are isolating the ones that are less smarter than you. It means you want to gain more knowledge and experience added with what you already have. Thanks for commenting on my post

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