The Diary Game Season 3,Philippines' popular Boracay cuisine, how many have you eaten?

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Sun, sand, and waves, this small island in the central part of the Philippines is so beautiful that Mangye is dazzled. It has a white sand beach, one of the finest, most beautiful and most popular beaches in the world; it has clear and translucent blue water like jelly; it has the best nightlife in the Philippines; it has all kinds of fun and excitement. Entertainment, tell me aloud where this is? That's right, it's Boracay! In addition to these, Boracay has another point that fascinates Mangye, that is, various kinds of food! Today, Master Mang will talk about the various delicacies not to be missed in Boracay!

Beef bone soup

Recommended restaurant: Smoke Restaurant
Recommended reason: As the national dish of the Philippines, beef bone soup is of course a must-try delicacy when you come to Boracay. And which one to choose from so many restaurants? Mr. Mang’s recommendation is Smoke Restaurant. This is a super red internet celebrity shop. You must go early, otherwise you won’t be able to get the location!
Recommendation index: ★★★★
Must-try dishes: beef bone soup, sizzling shrimp, mushroom beef rice
Restaurant address: s2 beach

Beach barbecue

Recommended restaurant: I LOVE BBQ
Recommended reason: how can you not enjoy the fun of barbecue on the beach when you come to the beach. Enjoy the experience of the sea breeze blowing the waves while enjoying the food. No wonder the seaside barbecue is a popular item in Boracay! And this barbecue restaurant recommended by Mangye is the most popular! It's not only delicious but also full of portions, you can definitely enjoy it!
Recommendation index: ★★★★
Must-try dishes: grilled pork ribs, grilled squid
Restaurant address: s2 beach


Fatty Seafood

Recommended restaurant: Fujianese in Long Beach
Reason for recommendation: This is a Chinese restaurant, so the taste of Chinese people will be more acceptable (Mong Ye thinks it is a bit salty). There are many kinds of fresh seafood, and there are many choices of cooking methods. Fresh eyebrows are about to fall!
Recommendation index: ★★★★
Must-try dishes: garlic prawns, lobster porridge, mango milkshake
Restaurant address: many branches


Cheese Pizza

Recommended restaurant: Yellow Cab
Reason for recommendation: Mang Ye admitted that I still have selfish intentions. Because I really love cheese! The pizzas in this store have thin skins and thick meat, and the cheese is sprinkled very well. Just take it out, it will be scorched and fragrant. If you bite it, it will be full of cheese and meat. It's super satisfying!
Recommendation index: ★★★★★
Must-try dishes: Four seasons pizza, tin ice cream, fried chicken
Restaurant Address: S1 Beach

15 glasses of spirits

Recommended restaurant: Cocomangas shoote
Reason for recommendation: 15 glasses of spirits can be said to be a long-standing fun project on Boracay, and Mangye also came to this bar to try it out. As the longest-opening bar in Boracay and the most exciting bar, it goes without saying that it is popular. If you want to experience the nightlife of Boracay, you must come here! You can also try Still Standing after 15. If you can finish the 15 glasses and walk out the door, you can leave your name in the restaurant and get a commemorative T-shirt!
Recommendation index: ★★★
Must-try dishes: 15 Shots concentrated cocktail
Restaurant Address: Near Willy's Rock


Recommended restaurant: Café del sol
Recommended reason: Mang Ye always wants to eat some sweet things, such as cakes, when he is on vacation. The most prestigious local dessert shop in Changtan Island did not disappoint Mangye. Which one to choose with so many cakes? Of course, Mangye, who can stand upright, chose cheese! You can feel the difference when you eat a cake that looks ugly. The aromatic cheese is mixed with fresh and juicy mango pulp. The taste is fresh and refreshing, with moderate sweetness and sourness. After playing a series of water sports and eating such a high-quality dessert, my energy is full in an instant!
Recommendation index: ★★★★
Must-try dishes: mango cheesecake, iced latte
Restaurant Address: D'mall Shopping District Phase 4