The Pleasure We Most Rarely Experience Gives Us Our Greatest Delight

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Good day beautiful people. Hope you all are doing amazing today. Today I'll like to say that if there's anything you desire or aspire to do in life, tey as much as possible to go for it.


Let me sight an example of a child who has never been to a restaurant before but has really been wanting to go and always hear and see how the friends show off and show pictures of how the parents took them out and all that.

Such child will try to do all he can to have that beautiful experience too because that's what he thinks will give him joy and pleasure. If the child has tried to persuade the parents to take him out and they are not and he finally gets the opportunity to get to one as time goes on, especially by himself maybe when he is quite older, that feeling will be different.

He will be so delighted to know and see that finally, he has gotten the restaurant and outing experience and that's what will give him so much pleasure because it is a rare experience of delight to him. So also in life activities, one might not be delighted if one hasn't gotten that rare experience one desires.

So aspire to get that pleasure which you most rarely experience and that gives you your greatest delight. Ofcourse you won't tell me it's evil things that give you the delight you want, I'm talking about positive things that one can experience and others can learn from and emulate.

Truly it's a great thing to experience that rare thing of great delight. Have a great day.

Its me @Oredebby

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